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Finn Hofferson, more commonly known by his title, Fearless Finn Hofferson, was a member of the Hooligan Tribe and the Hofferson Family, as well as Astrid's uncle, who was the last known Hofferson Family member to battle the Berk Flightmare. He consequently lost his life and dignity, as a result of him being apparently "frozen in terror" by the Flightmare.


Early Life

As seen in a flashback in Fright of Passage, during the decade's passing of Aurvandil's Fire, the Flightmare attacked Berk. Finn told his niece, Astrid to stay back and he encountered the beast. However, the beast used its paralyzing spray on Finn, though it led everyone else to believe that he simply froze out of fear. These events lead to the shaming of Finn and the entire Hofferson family, which Astrid planned to right for a decade.

Physical Appearance

Finn is a tall, buff Viking with a long and neat blonde beard and mustache. His beard has a tuft of shorter hairs directly over his chin, and his mustache is tied at each tip. He is often seen with a double-horned helmet and often has a stern face. He wears a dark grey tunic with has a layer of chain mail from below his belt.


Oh, no, you don't Astrid. This is not a battle for you. Not yet anyway.
Here I am, ungodly beast! Fearless Finn Hofferson! I've been waiting ten years for this moment. Come and get me, if you dare!



  • Finn's design is based on one of the background characters on Berk.
  • Finn is voiced by Brook Chalmers, who is also Production Manager of DreamWorks: Dragons.
  • Finn or a character who looks like him makes a few appearances in "Thawfest", where he can be seen among the crowd. He is also seen in "We Are Family, Part 1" with the council and referred to as ". . . other scary looking Vikings".
  • It is debated much as to whether Finn really died, considering he has appeared quite a few times as a background character, and the Flightmare's breath did not kill Astrid on her being struck by it. However, it is possible they just used a background character for Finn's design and that he is truly deceased. Brook Chalmers claims he didn't survive his encounter with the Flightmare.


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