Summer is a Fastfin and is one of the few species of dragon with no natural eel phobia. [src]

The Fastfin is a medium-sized Tidal Class dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Fastfins are a four-legged, medium-sized species of dragon. It has a long neck, thin body, and an eel-like tail, which makes it perfectly adapted for an underwater environment. It has a crown of triangular-shaped spikes on its head and small peg-like teeth.

The dragon has webbed feet, which helps it while swimming, but lacks claws. It has bigger front legs that back legs and a long, thin tail. It has two relatively small wings, which are better suited for swimming than flying.


WTS - Summer blasting water at Burple

Water Breath

Fastfins are capable of breathing streams of water. The water streams are powerful enough to push a heavy dragon like Burple a few meters away, or push a sheep up a cliff. The blasts are also very accurate, as seen in "The Nest". Fastfins are implied to store this water in their stomachs or other digestive system organ, as Summer indicates she will need to have a 'liquid breakfast' (as opposed to fish) to help fight a fire in "Where There's Smoke".


Being a water dragon, Fastfins can stay underwater for long periods of time. According to Summer's description, she is also very fast. While Swiftwings are said to be the fastest dragon in the air, Fastfins are the fastest in water.

Immunity to Eels

Summer having caught the eel with Leyla's bag

Unlike most dragon species, Fastfins are one of the few specimens who don't have a fear of eels. Summer is one of the few exceptions, as she was attacked by one at a young age.

Immunity to Slinkwing Slime

Slinkwing slime doesn't stick to the scales of Fastfins, which Leyla suggested it is due to the dragons being aquatic. Fastfins are also able to wash away fresh Slinkwing slime with their water blasts, but once the slime has set and hardened, their water breath is ineffective.


Fastfins are very intelligent dragons, as seen with Summer, who is able to analyse natural phenomenons, such as wind currents, and come up with elaborate plans and ideas.

Prehensile Tail

Fastfins have prehensile tails. Their tails are also very powerful, as Summer uses hers to play Volley Rock.

Endurance and Stamina

Fastfins can use their wings to block fire blasts from other dragons.



Like other dragons, Fastfins are susceptible to the contagious Dreaded Dragon Flu.

Behaviour and Personality

Summer states that Fastfins do not get scared easily.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Main article: Summer

Leyla, a human child who was raised by a dragon mother, once fell into the ocean. She was saved by a young Fastfin named Summer, and the two began a conversation about tides shortly afterwards. Because of this, the girls discovered that they have a lot in common, which led them to become best friend. Along with Dak, Leyla's twin brother, and three other dragons, Winger, Cutter, and Burple, they formed the group known as the Rescue Riders. They spend their days helping both dragons and humans alike from the town of Huttsgalor.

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