We release these Singetails all at once. The Flyers go after them. We use the distraction to take out the ground defenses and free the Death Songs. Pretty simple.
  — Hiccup  

"Family Matters" is the ninth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6. It was released on Netflix on February 16, 2018.


After learning Krogan is using a Death Song to lure and subdue Singetails for his growing army of Flyers, the Riders set out to rescue the dragon.


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After a battle with the Flyers, the Riders discover remnants of Deathsong amber underneath a Singetail's wing, leading them to deduce that Krogan is using a Deathsong to lure and capture Singetails for his Flyers. Worried, the Riders quickly check on Garffiljorg while the others take the injured Singetail back to the Edge for recovery. They discover Garff safe and unharmed, but decide that they must liberate the Deathsong and cut off Krogan's supply of Singetails. Despite Hiccup's orders, Astrid allows Garff to accompany them back to the Edge and to rescue Krogan's Deathsong. Seeing their fortification, they decide to return with reinforcements, but Garff flies in to help the Deathsong upon hearing its cries, resulting in his capture. Meanwhile, the wounded Singetail wakes up on the Edge and despite Fishlegs' attempts to care for it, it escapes and Fishlegs and Meatlug follow it. After making a plan, they release the captive Singetails only to find the dragons turning on them and forcing the riders to fall back in a cave with no escape. While following the wounded Singetail to the same island, Fishlegs find a hatchery of Singetail eggs and realizes that the Flyers are breeding Singetails. In the cave, Hiccups finds Garff while Fishlegs brings the Cavern Crasher to help dig a new exit and move the Singetail eggs to safety. Once out of the cave, the Riders destroy the Flyers' facilities and free the Singetails.


  • A recurring gag in this episode is Snotlout writing a book about his adventures, similar to how the Twins were writing about Vanaheim in "A Matter of Perspective".
    • The twelfth chapter in Snotlout’s book is titled “The Egg and I”, which is a possible reference to the 1956 film The King and I.
  • Singetail eggs are first seen in this episode.
  • The Cavern Crasher makes its second appearance in the series.



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