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This is the page for the dragon character. You may be looking for the Norse God with the same name.

I reached into the water, only to find a frozen Viking punching me in the face... again. [src]

Fafnir is a Skrillknapper that appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

There is a legend about this Dragon that has circulated among many Viking tribes for generations. The tale tells of the God Loki tricking a dwarf out of his golden hoard and a cursed ring that gradually made its way into the hands of the Dwarf Prince Fafnir. The power of the ring’s curse gradually transformed the Halfling Prince into a hideous reptile who spat lightning at anyone approaching his hoard. The same tale tells of this Dragon’s death at the hands of the legendary hero Sigurd, but as the Dragon exists today, we can assume its traits have been borrowed to embellish the mythological tale.

An unfortunate side-effect of this historical confusion is that many Vikings have met their doom seeking Fafnir’s gold. Fafnir is one of the few dragons to prefer beds of gold, due to the non-conductive nature of the metal. He is gentle and reclusive in nature, but hunting the Fafnir with hostility mostly leads to death by electroshock. It is not completely unknown for the Dragon to respond well to a friendly approach, however. It is generous with its friends, so long as they don’t take enough to ruin Fafnir’s nest, and leave gifts of fish in exchange.

The cursed ring, however, has never been found.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Fafnir is bright red with yellow eyes.

In-game Statistics




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