The Exotic Dragons are a kind of dragons that exist in Dragons: Rise of Berk. They look like the adults from their species but with different patterns and different stats. According to the game, they don't change their appearance when they reach the Titan Wing stage.

Currently known Exotic Dragons are listed below.

Exotic Buffalord

This Buffalord is a reddish brown dragon, with wavy olive green stripes that run down its back, flank and wings.

Exotic Cavern Crasher

This dragon is olive, with reddish brown and orange blotches on its back. Its bumps are grey in color. It also has a blue tongue.

Exotic Death Song

Exotic Egg Biter

This dragon is purple, with lilac spots on its wings. Its body has blotches of green and it has a pale underbelly.

Exotic Flightmare

This dragon looks like any other Flightmare, but emits a faint green glow. Its underbelly is brighter, somewhat like neon green, and its wings are speckled with small white spots and vein-like patterns.

Exotic Grapple Grounder

This Grapple Grounder looks like any other of the same species, but is green with yellow spots along its body.

Exotic Hackatoo

This Hackatoo resembles any other of the same species, but is yellow with fuchsia spots.

Exotic Moldruffle

This Moldruffle looks like any other of the same species, but is steel blue in color, with pale white snout and tail fin. It also has dark red spikes.

Exotic Razorwhip

Like most Razorwhips, this exotic variant is coated in glossy spikes, though they are jade green in color. The membrane across its wings are tan, with white vein-like patterns on them.

Exotic Ripwrecker

This Ripwrecker is light blue in color, with darker hints along its wings and stripes.

Exotic Scauldron

Exotic Shivertooth

Exotic Shockjaw

Exotic Shovelhelm

Exotic Sliquifier

Exotic Smothering Smokebreath

Exotic Speed Stinger

Exotic Sweet Death

Exotic Sword Stealer

Exotic Thunderpede

Exotic Tide Glider

Exotic Whispering Death

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