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Eugene Wong is a character appearing in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms. He is the older brother of Jun Wong and the oldest son of May Wong. His dragon is a Deadly Spinner named Webmaster. He is the fifth person to join the Dragon Club as its Strategy Expert.

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Eugene Wong is a key member of the Dragon Club in the TV series Dragons: The Nine Realms. Initially, he was not part of the club and even tried to expose the secret of the dragons that the club was protecting. However, after bonding with a dragon named Webmaster, he joined the club and developed a strong relationship with his dragon. Despite his initial conflicts with other club members, he eventually became a dedicated member, fighting for his friends and the dragons.
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Eugene Wong, a character from Dragons: The Nine Realms, has a few family members. His mother is May Wong, and he has a younger sister named Jun Wong. The names of his father and grandmother are not mentioned in the series.
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The ethnicity of Eugene Wong's character in Dragons: The Nine Realms is not explicitly stated in the provided context. However, given the character's last name 'Wong', it can be inferred that he might be of Asian descent, possibly Chinese.
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Physical Appearance[]

Eugene seems to be a young adult of Chinese descent. He has brown eyes and short black hair styled in a flattop. He wears a red shirt, blue jeans pants, a black jacket and black boots, He also wears small black earrings. With his jacket unzipped, we see he has a pendant underneath.

In 404 Alex Not Found, he briefly wear red swim trunks.


Prior joining the Dragon Club, when he was in the presence of adults, especially his mother May, Eugene presented himself as kind and polite young man, as well an adoring older brother towards his sister, Jun. In truth, however, this was a façade to hide his true personality. In actuality, Eugene embodied many of the traits of the stereotypical teenage trouble maker: being extremely immature, selfish, arrogant, and pleasure-seeking. He was easily bored, and craved excitement, which usually came in the form of performing pranks or picking on others. He was also very lazy, having an intense dislike of having to do chores and preferred having Jun do them for him.

He was also a rude, and somewhat, abrasive older brother, who enjoyed teasing Jun at almost every opportunity. It has been implied during their youth, Eugene would often pick on her and her friends, which caused the two to have a strained relationship over the years. This included Tom Kullersen, who noted upon their reunion that Eugene remained as immature and obnoxious as he was during childhood. He was also highly intrusive, and liked to get involved in other kids' business when it doesn't concern him. This is especially the case upon hearing about the existence of Dragon Club, which he attempted to uncover the truth about and eventually expose their mission after first learning about the existence of the dragons.

However, after bonding with Webmaster and joining the Dragon Club, Eugene's personality began to mellow out considerably. Despite having bullied Jun over the years, Eugene showed that he did indeed love his sister, when he risked his own life to protect her from a then hostile Webmaster and the Flamethrowers. Since then he has shown considerable bravery, no longer being afraid of taking part in dangerous missions with the Club alongside his dragon. His membership in the Dragon Club has also caused him to considerably mature as well, becoming more caring towards his sister and her friends, while also becoming extremely loyal to Club, taking his duties as a rider more seriously and accepting his newfound purpose as a guardian of the Hidden World and of dragons in need. Eugene has also shown himself to be far more intelligent than most would have previously believed. He has shown himself to be a skilled strategist, able to quickly come up effective plans and actions to help the Club in their mission which have proven extremely useful, especially in "Magma Comes to the Surface", when his quick thinking saved the Magma Breather's life.

Despite his growing maturity, Eugene is still mischievous and enjoys pranking the other riders, much to their chagrin. In "It Flies in the Family", however, it was revealed that much of Eugene's previous immaturity, rudeness, and craving for excitement, stemmed from his hidden insecurities. Deep down, Eugene desperately desired a place to belong in the world and for a long time before becoming a Dragon Rider, felt that he was unable to find that place. He also mentioned in Webs' Masters that he never had a real friend before, even though he had a lot of followers. Since becoming a rider, however, Eugene has become much more genuinely happy, and enjoys his new role and responsibility in life, especially with Webmaster as his first real friend with such a powerful bond. It wasn't until the "Rise of Jörmungandr" that Eugene admitted how much he believed in the Dragon Club that he finally found the place where he belonged but was saddened by how much his friends (him included) let it break apart.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills[]

Dragon Riding: Despite many early failures at attempting to train a dragon of his own, Eugene is a very skilled Dragon Rider, as demonstrated through his pairing with Webmaster, with whom he was able to quickly establish a bond with. His effectiveness was shown early on, when he was easily able to ride Webmaster during their first flight together, despite lacking a saddle like the other Club riders. Since joining the Dragon Club, Eugene has been able to teach Webmaster a variety of new combat techniques utilizing his web spitting ability, which has proved essential to the Dragon Club on a number of occasions.

Charisma and Deception: Eugene is a talented and charismatic liar. For years he has been able to deceive most adults that he's a nice and well-mannered boy without any ill intentions. This charade has most notably fooled his mother, which he often uses to his advantage in order to get what he wants. He was also able to easily fool the Buzzsaw, by both using reverse physiology and using the lumberjack's insecurities against him. Eugene's acting is not infallible, however, as other adults at ICARIS, such as Carla and Hazel Gonzalez and Chief Philip Baker, were perfectly aware of his (initial) true nature despite his attempts to deceive them.

Strategy and Resourcefulness: Though Eugene may not seem always seem very bright, he is, in truth, very intelligent & capable of quickly solving problems & forming strategies to help the Dragon Club in their missions. During the mission to return the sickly Magma Breather to the Fire Realm, he was quickly able to devise a way to safely transport it, much to the impressiveness of his fellow riders. By using his body spray to cover Buzzsaw, Eugene was able to get him away from the Mother Snifflehide's nest without harming the eggs. Furthermore, he outfitted Plowhorn & Webmaster with makeshift headlights so they could navigate in the dark. With this talent, Eugene is very respected by his fellow riders, who consider him an essential member of the Dragon Club. He has also proven to be insightful in "Rise of Jörmungandr", through his bluntness as he was able to address all the problems with his comrades because according to him, "they were all too afraid to look at themselves in the mirror", Eugene grab broke staff of Valka's Staff to distracts Jörmungandr by dancing, while Thunder lock cage of Jörmungandr before Eugene retreat.

Leadership: In addition to being a skilled strategist, Eugene has also demonstrated himself to be a skilled leader as well, being able to rally the Dragon Club Riders during their mission to save the Magma Breather, with even the Club's leader, Tom, being deeply impressed with his effectiveness, so much that even he willing allowed Eugene to take command of the Club for the rest of the mission.



Main article: Eugene and Webmaster's Relationship

Upon their initiation into the Dragon Club, Eugene and Webmaster have developed a powerful bond with each other. Like the bonds the other riders share with their dragons, Eugene considers Webmaster to be his best friend and cares deeply about his wellbeing.

May Wong[]

Eugene and May Wong

Eugene and his mother

Eugene is shown to have a close relationship with his mother, who treats him with exceeding love, unaware of just how immature he truly is. She seems to have a certain degree of favoritism towards Eugene over Jun, which Eugene uses to his own benefit. When in her presence, Eugene acts like a very responsible young man and a very loving son and brother. This is mostly an act, however, so that he can use his mother's love for him to get what he wants at times. This includes manipulating her into giving him Jun's room at their dome, which May did without considering how Jun might feel.

Despite her doting behavior towards her son, she still gives him chores to do around their dome while she is busy at ICARIS, which annoys Eugene to no end. When he and his younger sister revealed their dragons to their mom, May was left startled, speechless, and shocked upon their debut to the rest of ICARIS.

Jun Wong[]

Wong Sibling Love

Eugene hugging his younger sister Jun

Eugene and Jun have a strained brother-sister relationship. Unlike their mother, Jun is fully aware of Eugene's true immaturity, since Eugene would often bully her and her friends during their youth. Like their mother, Eugene doesn't appreciate Jun's interest in fantasy and mythology, and will often mock her for it. Unlike May, however, who opposes it out of the belief that it's keeping Jun from reaching her potential, Eugene simply finds such topics lame and boring. He is shown to be highly inconsiderate to his sister, taking her room in their dome for himself and throwing out her healing crystals, just for the sake of being mean to her. He also seems to prefer having his sister doing his chores for him, instead of doing them himself, which further shows his lazy attitude and meanness towards Jun.

Despite how mean he can be towards his sister, Eugene does seem to love her deep down. When Jun tricked him and locked him in the storage closet at the ICARIS general store, rather than being upset, he was actually impressed with her, showing he respects Jun when she acts like a troublemaker like him. Despite this, he maintains his intrusiveness towards Jun's business and will often try to invade her privacy, which was shown when, upon learning of Jun's participation in a game called "Dragon Club", Eugene became determined to discover its true nature and Jun's role in it.

Once he does find out the truth about Dragon Club, he wanted to be part of it. Jun was distrustful about him because of his selfish behavior. While battling the Flame Throwers, he saw how scared she was and tried to help her. After saving and bonding with his own dragon, Webmaster, and helping Jun save the others, she began to open up a little more to him, despite him still pulling pranks on them. By the time of "The Sky Torcher", she doesn't seem as annoyed by him as before.

When Jun and Alex tried to use their dragons to save the ICARIS helicopter, they were starting to lose their grip, but Eugene showed up with Webmaster to help them, and Jun claimed she was "so glad to see him". This may indicate that their relationship has improved a lot more.

Tom Kullersen[]

Tom and Eugene

Tom and Eugene's new friendship

Tom is the friend of Eugene's sister Jun and the son of their mother's co-worker Olivia Kullersen. Back when Tom and Jun were friends as young children, Eugene would often pick on them both, causing Tom to have a negative opinion of him. When the two reunite after eight years at ICARIS, Eugene was immediately rude and mocking towards him, causing Tom to maintain a negative opinion of him. Their relationship would worsen after Eugene eventually learned the truth about the Dragon Club and attempted to expose their secret, making them enemies for a time.

Despite both their previously poor relationship and Eugene's earlier actions against the Club, Tom was the only member of the Dragon Club who gave Eugene a chance at being a rider and genuinely wished to help him bond with a dragon of his own. When Eugene tamed Webmaster and helped drive off the Flamethrowers in the Crystal Realm, Tom was deeply impressed with him, making him a honorary member, and soon after a full-fledge member, after his leadership resulted in the Magma Breather's life being saved. Since then, Eugene and Tom's relationship has greatly improved, with Tom deeply respecting Eugene for his uncanny strategy skills. In turn, Eugene is deeply thankful to Tom for accepting him into the Club and helping him become a Dragon Rider. He also accepts Tom as his leader and follows his orders in battle, despite having previously bullied him in their youth. Because of this mutual respect for each other, the two have now become good friends and are willing to both fight alongside and help one another in their mission to protect the dragons and Hidden World. Despite their newly improved friendship, Eugene is still not above teasing and pranking Tom during their spare time, much to the latter's chagrin.

While Eugene understands that Tom leads the club, he tends to question his leadership, especially if something goes wrong on a mission. But he still respects Tom and his role.

Alexandra Gonzalez[]

Prior to joining the Dragon Club, Eugene had very little interaction with Alex, and only took interest in her when he learned that she was part of the Club alongside his sister. After he discovered that dragons were real and that the Club was guarding them, Eugene briefly became an enemy of the Dragon Club, including Alex, due to his initial desire to expose the truth to other adults at ICARIS, causing them to start off with a hostile relationship. This led to a direct confrontation with Alex, when Eugene attempted to thwart her and Jun's mission to rescue and retrieve the Fireworm Glowmer, before the ICARIS staff could examine him. During this confrontation. Alex had Feathers attack Eugene, which prevented him from exposing the truth.

Later on, however, their relationship greatly improved after Eugene was initiated into the Dragon Club. Though initially doubtful of his potential to be a rider, Alex came to accept Eugene after he bonded with Webmaster and soon after aided the Club in defeating the invading Flamethrowers, and later rescuing the Magma Breather. Though she is often annoyed by Eugene's immaturity and pranks, Alex has come to respect him for strategical prowess. In turn, Eugene has come to accept Alex as both a friend and comrade, with them showing impressive teamwork together during intense situations. During "Uncharted Territory", both their dragons have gone missing during a blizzard in the ice realm and they both grew very worried. Back at ICARIS, they both talk about their feelings about when they first came, and then decided to go back and rescue Feathers and Webmaster. They also began opening up to each other after demonstrating their skills on their way to the sinkhole. While Eugene still bugs her, they have started to appreciate each other more, even to the point where he affectionately nicknames her "Gonzo".

In "Ragnarok: Part 1 and 2", Alex and Eugene bickered with each other a lot, but it was really due to the fact that they both struggled with confessing their feelings for each other. Once they opened up to it, they became much closer than before and hugged each other, especially when their dragons left them to stay in the Hidden World for good.

D'Angelo Baker[]

Prior to his initiation into the Dragon Club, Eugene had little interaction with D'Angelo, though he very interested in his connection to the Club and attempted to find out his and the others' role in it. The two would briefly become enemies when Eugene attempted to expose the secret of dragons, though after finding the Club's lair and being impressed with their dragons, Eugene had a change of heart and wanted to join them. Like Alex and Jun, D'Angelo was highly sceptical of Eugene's potential to become a rider and was very critical of him. This criticism would remain even after, he became a probationary member, with D'Angelo being unamused by his pranks and occasionally rude behaviour. Despite this, after Eugene proved his worth by helping the Club rescue the Magma Breather. D'Angelo finally accepted Eugene as one of the group. Though the two don't always get along, D'Angelo and Eugene ultimately accept each other as comrades and have impression teamwork from time to time.

In "Break in Case of Emergency", when they got stuck in the Hangar while their parents were away, they did have an argument about whose fault it is. But Eugene knew how much D'Angelo had respected his dad for so long, and his relationship with his own father wasn't very good, that he didn't want the latter to go through the same thing as he did. After they got out, they made amends and Eugene took the responsibility for what happened in front of Phil.

Although even though it was anger talking in "Rise of Jörmungandr", D'Angelo states that Eugene has been nothing but a pain to everyone and states they shouldn't have let him join in the first place.


Eugene first learned about Thunder from Buzzsaw who described him as a "lightning bird", which reminded Eugene of a drawing Jun made of him in her sketchbook. This, along with seeing Tom's Monstrous Nightmare later that night, made Eugene realize that Thunder was actually a dragon and desired to expose his existence to the adults at ICARIS. Because of this, they initially started out as enemies before Eugene joined the Dragon Club.

When Eugene finally meet Thunder personally, he was deeply impressed with his electrical abilities, admiring him more than all of the other Club dragons.

Thunder, however, was unwelcoming towards Eugene and acted aggressive towards him, not even allowing Eugene to pet/touch him, because of his immature behavior and previous acts against the Dragon Club. Despite this, the two eventually became allies after Eugene joined the Club himself. Though Eugene respects Thunder, the Night Light still has trouble accepting Eugene as a Club member, being continuously irritated by his immaturity and both his and his dragon's pranks occasionally being directed towards him and Tom. Despite this, they do care about each other and work well together during battle. This could be seen in "Magma Comes to the Surface", where Eugene worked to protect and hide Thunder from Buzzsaw, and even rescued the dragon by knocking out the deranged lumberjack unconscious when he tried to attack him.

However in "Heart of Glass", Thunder can be shown to become very irritated with Eugene's constant rude and criticizing habits so much so that he even reaches a breaking point by aggressively roars at him in anger.

Wu and Wei[]

IFITF-64-Jun-Eugene-Wu and Wei

Eugene riding on Wei

Wu-Wei is the dragon of Eugene's sister Jun, as well as the very first dragon Eugene rode upon prior to Webmaster, specifically Wei.

Like the other Club dragons, Eugene found Wu-Wei to be extremely impressive due to their two heads, though the dragon was still very hostile towards him, due to his obnoxious behaviour and due to the negative relationship he shared with their rider. During the Club's attempts to help Eugene train a dragon, Wu-Wei acted increasingly aggressive towards Eugene and both heads were not happy at all with having to ride him around the Crystal Realm. This caused the boy to initially fear the Mist Twister a great deal, becoming increasingly nervous and agitated whenever the dragon acted angrily towards him.

Even after he bonded with Webmaster and joined the Club, thus making them allies, Eugene maintains a somewhat difficult relationship with Wu and Wei due to the dragon's irritation towards his occasionally immature behaviour. Despite this, Eugene does care about his sister's dragon and wishes to hide them from other humans, namely Buzzsaw. He has also been shown to be able to work well together with Wu and Wei during more serious situations, namely battle, showing that they are capable of teamwork and camaraderie.

Although in "Journey to the Snowcano", after Eugene attacked the Titan Wing Mist Twister Wu and Wei weren't too pleased with what they did and refused to put a good word for him with the giant dragon.


Feathers is the Featherhide dragon of Eugene's teammate Alex. Prior to joining the Dragon Club, he and Feathers started out as enemies, due to his initial intentions of exposing the secret of dragons after discovering their existence. During his attempts to deliver the Fireworm Glowmer to Dr. Sledkin, Feathers personally thwarted by turning invisible and tripping him before he could show off the captive dragon. Later, when Eugene managed to locate the Dragon Club's lair and spied on them, Feathers who is the first to caught him, using her invisibility to appear in front of him and scare him into revealing himself. Having the invisible dragon appear before him, roaring, caused Eugene to briefly fear Feathers though he still found her deeply impressive because of her camouflage abilities.

Like the other Club dragons, however, Feathers was unwelcoming of Eugene due to their previously antagonistic relationship and his immature behavior. This would continue even after Eugene joined the Club as a rider, with Feathers finding him annoying. In "Magma Comes to the Surface", when Eugene was left in charge of dragons by Tom while the rest of the Club were on a mission, Eugene wasted no time in ordering the other dragons around, specifically tasking Feathers to his “couch”. This caused him to once again earn the dragon's ire, with her using her invisibility to trip him from behind as punishment for his attitude.

Despite their rocky relationship, they do care about each other's wellbeing. This can be seen when Eugene worked to keep Feathers safe by asking her to turn invisible while other dragons to hide from Buzzsaw when he came looking for Thunder, and later when he and Webmaster managed to save Feathers and Alex when a Flame Thrower attempted to attack them from behind.

In "Uncharted Territory", she got frustrated when Eugene would throw a snowball for Webmaster to blast, increasing her annoyed behavior of the two. But after being rescued from the Yetiwing that kidnapped her and Webs, she began to slowly warm up to the boy, enough to allow him to pet her showing he was happy she was alright.


Like with the other Club dragons except for Webmaster, Eugene has gotten off to a rather rocky start with Plowhorn. Upon their first meeting, Eugene immediately found Plowhorn to be impressive, though the Gembreaker was distrustful and aggressive towards him, due to his intrusion into the Dragon Club's lair. Even after Eugene trained a dragon of his own and joined the Club as a rider, he and Plowhorn still have trouble getting along. Like the other dragons, Plowhorn is irritated by Eugene's recurring immaturity and obnoxiousness, and can act aggressively towards him because of that. Eugene, however, still cares about Plowhorn and does so by hiding her from other humans. Despite their rocky relationship, he and Webmaster do work well together with Plowhorn and D'Angelo, considering each other to be teammates and will help each other when one or the other needs it.

Philip Baker[]

Philip unimpressed with Eugene

Philip unamused with Eugene's immaturity

Unlike the boy's mother, Philip is completely aware of Eugene's true spoiled nature and his immature personality. This causes him to have a low opinion of Eugene. When Eugene approached Philip and attempted to gain information on the Dragon Club, Philip was easily able to see through Eugene's lies and was unimpressed with his attempts to pry into the business of the other kids. For his part, Eugene seems to fear Philip to an extent and was left frustrated when he wasn't able to learn anything about the Dragon Club from him.



Eugene examining Glowmer in his container

Glowmer was the second dragon Eugene encountered at ICARIS. Though he considered the small Fireworm to be a "lame" dragon, he nonetheless attempted to expose him, and the secret of dragons in general, to the adults at ICARIS and gain credit for the discovery. To do this, he twice stole Glowmer from his sister and Alex before attempting to deliver the dragon to his mother, though both times ended in failure and humiliation for him.

Shadow, Goggles and Splattertail[]


Eugene with thunder's siblings.

Like Alex, Eugene never understood the riders wanting Shadow to lead because he was a baby. He also found his siblings, Goggles and Splattertail, just as troublesome. But by the time the riders said their goodbyes, he changed his opinion claiming that they were all cool, while he lets them give him a big hug.

They see Eugene again in Ragnarok: Part 1 and are left in his and Alex's care while D'Angelo treated the parents and the elder. Though they were rambunctious, they brought him and Alex to confessing their feelings for each other. They also took his joke about taking them to live in Australia amusing, indicating they have become extremely fond of him.

Carla and Hazel Gonzalez[]

When Eugene tries gaining knowledge of Dragon Club and asks the Gonzalezes about it he tries to act nice and even takes an interest in their gardening but as they don't have information for him he leaves annoyed he had to talk to them like that, as he leaves Carla and Hazel know he's lying and was just playing along being nice to him knowing he just wants to bother the other kids.

When Eugene wants them to join his new team and barges into their dome Carla becomes very angry with him for rudely interrupting their family time and even swears at him in Spanish, however as they do agree to join his new dragon rider team thinking it might be fun however they bother him by grabbing him and cleaning his face, going nuts when firing with webmaster and not being able to at least get off the ground on a dragon.


When Pete catches Eugene and Alex after curfew and questions why they're out Eugene then lies to him saying they're doing a surprise employee inspection for his mother, but Pete doesn't believe it at first until Eugene becomes more convincing and Alex joins in and officially tricking him making him leave and work harder than ever.

When Eugene catches Pete taking power naps in the hanger which is strictly forbidden he blackmails Pete into joining his team and addressing him as leader or else he'll inform his mother about it, but also states that they'll be snacks to eat. However Pete does annoy him by complaining that Hobs is doing weird things, or doing something that involves washing his hand or complaining about his blood sugar.

Leonard Burne (Buzzsaw)[]

Eugene accidentally met Leonard Burne, who goes by Buzzsaw, shortly prior to his initiation into the Dragon Club, after getting lost in the woods while attempting to spy on his soon to be comrades. During this first meeting, Eugene found himself abducted by Buzzsaw and brought back to his camp sight, where the unstable logger proceeded to interrogate him about ICARIS station, and its connection to the mysterious “lightning bird” that he was hunting, though Eugene provided him with no answers. Despite being fearful of Buzzsaw, due to his mental instability and violent mood swings, Eugene briefly sought to form an alliance with Burne, hoping that such a pact would help him finally uncover the truth about the Dragon Club, upon realizing that his description of the "lighting bird" was very similar to a drawing of a dragon in his sister's sketchbook. However, Eugene's attempts to align with Buzzsaw failed later that night when the two were separated after the former fell down a cliff upon seeing a Tom's Monstrous Nightmare flying overhead: his first dragon sighting.

Following his initiation into the Dragon Club, Eugene would encounter Buzzsaw again, when he was assigned to watch over the Club's dragons in the woods while the other riders completed a mission at ICARIS. During their second encounter, though Buzzsaw was once again hostile towards Eugene, the newly initiated Dragon Rider managed calm him down by attempting to provide counselling towards him and even briefly managed to get him to abandon his quest for vengeance against Thunder. This proved short lived, however, when Buzzsaw accidentally discovered Thunder hiding behind a tree and immediately attempted to attack him, only for Eugene to strike from behind with a large stick, knocking him out.

Since then, Eugene and Buzzsaw have been firm enemies of each other, with the deranged logger seeking vengeance on the Dragon Rider for deceiving him and saving Thunder. Ironically, however, it was ultimately meeting Buzzsaw that led to Eugene learning the truth about dragons, eventually resulting in his initiation into the Dragon Club.

However, in "Of Gods and Monsters", when Jack was badly injured and weakened after an attack by Jörmungandr, Buzzsaw went to get the riders for help to treat him. Eugene and the other riders felt distrustful of the logger, but D'Angelo was willing to see if he was telling the truth, and saw it was true. Buzzsaw helped keep his dragon calm while D did his best to treat the Timberjack. Eugene was shocked to see that Buzzsaw was telling the truth, and that Buzzsaw has truly bonded so well with Jack. In return for their help, Buzzsaw told them about Sledkin's secret lab and that it could be where she took Plowhorn. They then left Buzzsaw to care for Jack saying that he needed him. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating they are on good terms now.

Wilma Sledkin[]

Due to Sledkin's actions in abusing dragons for her own research and ambition to mine and study Dragonsite she becomes an enemy of Eugene especially after almost killing him and the others in a cave in, even later as they're all trapped behind a glass wall like the others Eugene doesn't trust her one bit. In Sledkin's opinion of him she states that he's just the tag along older brother and that the riders aren't even really his friends.



  • Due to debuting in Season 2, Eugene is currently the only member of the Dragon Club not to appear in Season 1.
  • Tom's voice actor, Jeremy Shada, stated in an interview that Eugene is the one person that can truly get on Tom's nerves.
  • His voice actor, Vincent Tong, is best known for voicing Kai in Ninjago, Flash Sentry, Sandbar, and Garble in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its spin-off Equestria Girls, Renegade Knucks, Gnarly Knuckles and Knuckles the Dread in Sonic Prime.
  • Eugene is the oldest of the Dragon Club's riders.
  • Eugene is lactose intolerant.
  • Alex says she will have to make Eugene a fire suit since he got promoted to full-fledged dragon rider, but his suit is never seen. He is the only club member who has no fire suit.
    • However in Season 8 it's revealed he does have one however he refuses to wear it as it ruins his hair.
  • Eugene claims to have failed the kindergarten entrance exam, so it's possible he is homeschooled.
  • Eugene claims he does not have a good relationship with his father. Given how Jun seemed to be closer with her father than with May, it is possible that Mr. Wong might favor/prefer Jun over her brother.
  • Eugene reveals in "Eugene's Lean Mean Extreme Dream Team" that he's in high school.


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