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A brute and a villain. He carries a huge hammer and he does not care who or what gets smashed as long as he gets what he wants. [src]

Erik the Wretched is an pirate who first appeared in the episode "Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon".


Hunting the Golden Dragon

Erik the Wretched gathered a crew and went looking for the legendary Golden Dragon using an old treasure map. He eventually met with the Rescue Riders, who set out to protect the dragon. Erik tried to convince Dak and Leyla to help him find the golden egg, but seeing how the twins were determined not to join him, he was forced to trap them, as well as their dragons, on his ship. He and his crew misinterpreted the first riddle on the map and went inside a wrong cave on an Unnamed Island. Inside, he stumbled across Tangle Vines, which captured and dragged his crew deeper into the cave. Erik used his hammer to weaken the Tangle Vine and escape the cave. He raced against Svetlana the Sly and Waldondo del Mundo in his search for the Golden Dragon, while also trying to bring down the Rescue Riders. However, he was tricked by them into fighting against Svetlana and Waldondo, which made all three of them lose the head start. The three pirates eventually teamed-up and surrounded the island where the Golden Dragon was located. Eventually, Dak and Winger emerged with a golden egg, so Erik followed them and ordered his crew to attack them. Dak accidentally dropped the egg, which was revealed to be made of stone. Infuriated, Erik told his crew to follow Burple, believing he had the real egg. However, Burple dropped the egg into the ocean, which made Erik believe that it was lost forever. Out of anger, he vowed revenge on Waldondo, believing he secretly helped the Rescue Riders. He engaged in a duel with Waldondo, while the Rescue Riders escaped.

Physical Appearance

Erik the Wretched is a large beefy viking, with strong arms. He sports a large beard and a long mustache that are tied with small ropes towards their end. He wears a green tunic with a purple vest over it and a brown belt, which bears the symbol of crossed hammers. A small beige satchel is attached to the belt. Erik wears brown leather armbands, which he covered in Tangle Vine after fighting the wild plant. The viking has a brown and white fur cape that he wears on his shoulders. His Viking helmet is dark brown with three small spikes and long twisted horns.


Abilities, Talents, and Skills

Fighting: Erik the Wretched is a skilled fighter with a big reputation. His main weapon is a hammer that he uses both to lead and fight. It is said that he will smash anything and anyone that gets in his way, using his hammer.



  • His name is likely a reference to a real life Viking, Erik the Red.

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