Eret's Crew was a group of dragon trappers that supplied dragons for Drago Bludvist's army. They appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Fort Destroyed

One night, a masked dragon rider broke into their fort to rescue the dragons Eret and his men captured. The fort was destroyed by a Bewilderbeast, and every dragon was taken away.

The next day, Hiccup and Astrid came upon the fort and were attacked. The trappers believed they were working with the dragon rider from the night before, though the two Vikings knew nothing about that, or about Drago. The crew tried to capture them, but Hiccup and Astrid managed to escape.

Later on, while searching for dragons, the two Riders came back and "surrendered". Hiccup claimed he was going to change Drago's mind about dragons, and even Eret and his crew. But before he could, the other dragon riders showed up. The trappers were quickly subdued, and watched as Hiccup got into an argument with his father. The riders soon left, leaving the men alone.

Afterwards, the trappers were trying to figure what to do, as they had no dragons to give Drago, when Eret is snatched by Stormfly. The men try to net down the dragon, but miss, leaving their leader captured. They are not seen again for the rest of the film.

Reform and Dragon Rescue

After the reform of Eret, their former leader, the rest of Eret's crew appears to have reformed as well. They came across a Night Terror covered in pine tar from a wrecked Dragon Hunter ship on Scuttleclaw Island and sent a Terror Mail to Eret informing him of the situation, sending him and the player on a quest to rescue the dragon.

Later on, Eret claimed that his old crew "wouldn't believe their eyes" if they saw him taking care of the three Rumblehorn Hatchlings.






  • Teeny is the only named member of Eret's crew who doesn't share his name with a book character.
  • Their clothing is different from that of Drago's army, as they came from Sami culture.

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