When Fireworms migrate, they send out scouts to see if their migration route is safe. [src]

Enhanced Fireworm Queena are a group of Fireworm that appear in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Viggo Grimborn discovered the secret of Drottning, the hormonal elixir given to Fireworm larvae to turn them into Queens, from information contained within the Dragon Eye. He used this knowledge to harvest the elixir from a Fireworm Queen his soldiers had captured in the hopes of making an army of Fireworm Queens that would be under his control.

An Enhanced Fireworm Queen was the result of his earliest experiments along these lines, being given several times the dosage of Konungshlaup required to transform a Fireworm larva into a Queen.

The experiments were a partial success, in that he was able to make several varieties of Fireworm Queen, but controlling them was another story altogether. Viggo found that the more Drottning he gave to the larvae, the bigger and more powerful the Queens would become, but corresponding to this power was an intelligence and irrepressibility of spirit that refused to be dominated.

Frustrated in his attempts to build an army, he locked all Enhanced Fireworm Queens away in cages made of a stone known to resist heat. They remained prisoners until Viggo was overthrown as Dragon Hunter ruler by his brother, Ryker. The Enhanced Fireworm Queens escaped during the ensuing battle, each flying off to their own corners of the Archipelago to start their hives in peace.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Enhanced Fireworm Queens are golden, with hexagonal patterns of black stripes. They have two black stripes going from their eyes to their tails, one of each side of their bodies. They have a pale underbelly and pale horns, and light blue tongues. Their eyes are glowing bright red.

In-game Statistics


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