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I guess we were so excited to care for little Pollito, or maybe we were missing having someone else around to take care of.
  — Carla  

"Empty Fireworm Nest" is the third episode of the third season of Dragons: The Nine Realms.


When a tiny Fireworm dragon ends up at ICARIS, Alex must decide between her mom's excitement and keeping the dragon secret.
  — Rotten Tomatoes[1]  


Carla tries to bring Alex some cookies but discovers she's out with her friends. Despite Hazel reminding her that she's always pushing Alex into spending time with others, Carla misses having her around. The dragon club explores the Fire Realm with all their completed fire suits and find a flock of Fireworms. When they head home, one of the Fireworms secretly stows away in Alex's bag. Meanwhile, Buzzsaw decides to begin investigating ICARIS to find the "lightning bird."

When Jun returns home, Eugene confronts her about seeing the Monstrous Nightmare in the woods. Jun lies that Eugene probably saw a drone and that there are no real dragons to deter him, but Eugene reveals he knows about dragon club and Jun fears he is getting close to the secret. When Alex returns home, the Fireworm gets out of her bag and Carla catches it. Hazel and Carla are amazed by the discovery and decide to study it in the lab. Alex tells the others about what happened and explains they still have a chance to hide the secret because only her moms know about the Fireworm so far and they don't truly know what they've discover. Jun also reveals Eugene saw a dragon and just when things can't seem to get worse... the fireworm flock enters the Dragon's Lair in search of their missing member. Alex and Jun go to bring back the Fireworm from the former's moms while Tom and D'Angelo stay behind to contain the Fireworm flock.

Alex reveals she plans to hack into and activate one of Philip's security drills, namely the missile attack drill, to have ICARIS evacuated. Jun deems the plan overkill and decides to simply sneak the dragon out. Carla and Hazel begin examining the Fireworm and begin doting on it, causing Alex to feel guilty for trying to deprive them of the same kind of bond she has with Feathers. Jun assures her that they are protecting the dragons because even though her moms mean well, others won't. When Carla and Hazel discover that the Fireworm's glow is becoming dimmer, they decide to bring it home to keep an eye on it (and dote on it some more). Tom and D'Angelo struggle to catch the Fireworm flock because of their heat and discover that Fireworms live of each other's heat.

At Alex's house, Carla and Hazel grow closer to the Fireworm, which they name Glowmer. Seeing that Alex's moms won't let Glowmer out of their sights, Jun lies to them that May wants to speak with them about an emergency to get them to leave while she and Alex take Glowmer. However, Eugene steals Glowmer and drives off on an ATV to show it to May and get the credit for the discovery. Tom and D'Angelo continue to struggle to contain the Fireworms, which begin to bother the other dragons of the Crystal Realm during their search. Jun manages to get Glowmer back from Eugene by tricking him into thinking that Glowmer will give him bad luck. The two discover Glowmer is weakening in captivity without his flock, but Carla and Hazel discover their trick and are furious Alex lied to them and took Glowmer. The try to take Glowmer back, but Linda arrives on orders from Sledkin to bring the creature to her and takes Glowmer. Alex's moms blame her new friends for her actions, but Alex tells them that she was trying to set Glowmer free and points out he's suffering in captivity. Carla and Hazel admit they were drawn so close to Glowmer because they missed having Alex around and acknowledge Alex had good intentions, but fear Sledkin will never set Glowmer free. Alex and Jun are too late to keep Linda from reaching Sledkin, but Alex activates the missile attack drill before she can see it, causing chaos that distracts her. While Sledkin complains to Philip about the drill, Alex has Feathers use her cloaking to sneak into the lab and retrieve Glowmer... only for Eugene to steal him again. Feathers trips Eugene before he can expose the dragon, but he drops Glowmer's containment orb and it rolls away.

When Sledkin sees the dropped orb containing Glowmer, she tries to retrieve it, but is stalled by Hazel and Carla, buying Alex and Jun time to sneak the orb away. When Eugene tries to tell May about the Dragon, she believes he is talking about the dragon club game and is more focused on taking him safety because of the emergency drill. While trying to sneak onto ICARIS, Buzzsaw sees Alex and Jun riding Feathers while she's invisible and thinks he is just seeing things. Alex and Jun return Glowmer, to the Dragon's Lair, but Tom and D'Angelo reveal the Fireworm swarm has moved on and it appears Glowmer has died from lack of heat. Fortunately, the Fireworms return and save Glowmer with their heat. The Fireworms fly home, and Alex spends more time with her moms.




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