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Do you guys hear that? It’s the same sound before every attack. [src]

Emperor Pandinus is a Triple Stryke that appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Why did Odin create Emperor Pandinus? His reign of terror has traumatized generations of Vikings, awestruck by the sheer brutality of this Dragon’s reputation. Children are told to “be good or Emperor Pandinus will get you” and as a result, nightmares plague their sleep. The entire colony at Horrendous Point disappeared over the course of a single winter, and when the ruins of their village were examined, the purple scales of the Emperor Pandinus were found. What is less well known is the philosophical debate raging among learned scholars engendered by the existence of Emperor Pandinus. There are three main factions in this debate.

The first faction has rallied behind Osborn Franksson who argued that the Emperor Pandinus’ brutality was a test from the Gods, made to hone and temper humanity’s resolve, and that anyone who died fighting the Emperor Pandinus would inevitably become one of the Einharjar and fight along with Odin at Ragnarok. Followers of Orvar Andorson claim that the existence of such a terrible and horrifying creature is absolute proof that the gods can not exist, for no god could create something so horrible. The third position is that take a different tack, claiming that the Emperor Pandinus is so cruel and terrifying that it proves that the Gods are insane, and have no concern for human life in their madness. The sad thing about all these positions is that the Emperor Pandinus is actually a sweetheart once you get to know him. He is completely innocent of the bulk of the crimes attributed to him, and of those he is guilty of, most of them have pretty strong justifications. All it would take to settle the dispute among Skalds would be for one of them to approach the Dragon with kindness. What this truth means for the various factions of the debate is not immediately clear.
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Physical Appearance

Emperor Pandimus is blue-ish black, with purple and dark pink patterns and a purple underbelly. He has icy blue eyes.


  • His name comes from both the common and scientific name of a scorpion. The common name being Emperor Scorpion, and the scientific name being Pandinus Imperator.
  • He is also supposed to similar in behavior to an Emperor Scorpion

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