I think I figured out who that dragon is. I've been reading through the notes of Heather's father Oswald from his time shipwrecked on Vanaheim. He wrote about a Sentinel with a strange bone structure on its head. This powerful dragon seemed to lead the other Sentinels in their duties.
  — Fishlegs  

The Elder Sentinel is a Sentinel character appearing in the game School of Dragons in the Expansion "Wrath of Stormheart".


Attack on Vanaheim

Nikora Stormheart invades Vanaheim in order to find an ancient heirloom. Her forces incapacitate all the Sentinels with pepper gas, but the lead Sentinel - the Elder Sentinel - escapes. Meanwhile, the game player arrives to Vanaheim along with Snotlout, Fishlegs, and Skulder the Archaeologist. The Elder Sentinel attempts to defend the island itself against the new 'invaders'. Grim Gnashers also arrive, and it watches as Snotlout and the player help defend the island. Detecting that the Dragon Riders are helpful and not harmful, the Elder Sentinel accompanies the player. The Elder Sentinel and the player also have to fight off Grimora-infected Sentinels. Having helped both Vanaheim and the Sentinel group. The Elder Sentinel follows the player on other excursions away from Vanaheim. It assists in battles against Stormheart and her forces elsewhere in the Barbaric Archipelago. Ultimately, the player and the Elder Sentinel bond.

Physical Appearance

The Elder Sentinel is colored as a typical Sentinel - stony grey with a moss-green back. It also has white markings that mimic veins of quartzite running through darker rock. It is larger than a standard Sentinel, however, and has extra horns on its head, designating it as a leader of the pack.

After the player and the Elder Sentinel bond, the player can choose the gender and color of this dragon.



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