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Dak: "You think rescuing an egg is good? Wait 'till you see me rescuing an Elbone."
Aggro: "I thought that was supposed to be Chief Duggard."
Cutter: "No, definitely Elbone. See? He is screaming."
Aggro: "Oh, right. Very lifelike."[src]

The Elbone Doll is a training dummy used by the Rescue Riders in their rescue training.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

The Rescue Riders built a wooden training dummy, and designed it to look like Elbone yelling for help. They put in in precarious situations and try to save it without breaking it. Unfortunately, it usually ends up without its head.

In "Double Finked", it is also used as a temporary play thing for a baby Roaming Ramblefang.

In "Puff Enuf", the Rescue Riders used the Elbone Doll while training Zeppla. The Puffertail was supposed to rescue it, but instead she made it fall and lose its head.

In "King Burple", the Rescue Riders practiced catching falling objects with the Elbone Doll. Just then, the real Elbone arrived at the Roost and remarked that the doll looked similar to his twin brother, Albone.

In "Charged Up", Magnus Finke and Axel Finke steal it to use in a competition between Magnus' Mechano-Dragon and the live dragons.

Physical Appearance

It is made of wood and painted to look like Elbone yelling for help.


The doll is a training dummy the likes of which have been seen elsewhere in the franchise.


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