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There are the docks. We get boats from all over. Now Elbone came in on one and decided to stay. Best fisherman I've ever seen. [src]
  Duggard the Decisive  

Elbone is a character appearing in the children's television series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Getting along with Dragons

Elbone meets the new residents of Huttsgalor in "The Nest" - two new humans and four dragons. At first he is so shocked that he almost falls off his ship's mast while repairing it. Cutter, a Relentless Razorwing, comes to his aid by firing spikes on the mast to form a ladder so Elbone could safely get down. Later, Cutter comes to the rescue again, by cleaving a flying log in two that was about to crash into Elbone's House Boat.

Elbone tries a new way to earn a living in "Deep Trouble" - mapping the Maze Caves. He enters the caves with no experience and becomes lost for about a day and a half. The Rescue Riders eventually find him, and rescue him in the nick of time before the cave floods with rising tide water. He also gains a 'friend', his pet rock, Rocky.

Unbeknownst to him, Elbone barely avoids being squashed by a run-away Belzium boulder in "Heavy Metal". He bends down to pick up a pine cone to eat, as the Rescue Riders divert away the boulder and are gone before he realizes they were there.

Elbone seeks the help of the Rescue Riders at The Roost in "Iced Out", but only finds Aggro. After he explains that he found a dragon egg frozen in ice, she snatches him up and carries him back to Huttsgalor's icy region. Elbone has been in that area to try out a new business venture in ice sculptures. They find the egg and release it from the ice, only to get stuck on a slab of ice floating down an equally icy river. Aggro is sensitive to the cold, and is unable to fly or produce flame. Despite not being able to understand dragon speech, Elbone and Aggro manage to communicate and try various things to get to safety, as well as welcome a new Hideous Heatwing that hatched from the egg. Despite their efforts, the trio nearly fall over a tall waterfall, but are saved at the last moment when the hatchling is able to shoot fireballs into the air and signal to the Rescue Riders searching overhead. Having been rescued, Elbone warms up at the Roost and thaws his toes.

Elbone tried out another business venture as a 'flowerist' selling plants and flowers as decorations in "Slobber Power". He hiked to the dangerous Thornbane Valley to collect specimens. He found a plant he dubbed 'Purple Haggis', and unbeknownst to him, avoided its carnivorous bite on numerous occasions. Also unknown to him, some of the Rescue Riders followed him into the forest to keep him out of trouble. Unfortunately they weren't able to stop him from getting caught in Tangle Vine, and get caught themselves. Ultimately, the newly hatched Slobber Smelter, Sizzle, frees them all with his acidic drool. Burple carried him home. Later, Chief Duggard stopped by his flower stand to buy a flower. He decided on the Purple Haggis, but before Elbone can complete the transaction, the Purple Haggis bites Duggard in the rear. Elbone quickly packed up shop and slipped away.

In "Grumblegard, Part 1", Elbone started a glass business, which quickly ended when all his products were destroyed by the Baby Shriekscales' scream.

Elbone's house boat gets blown out to sea, when a large angry dragon used wind blasts to attack Huttsgalor in "Grumblegard, Part 2". The large dragon gave an ultimatum that if the Rescue Riders didn't leave he would blow Huttsgalor into the sea. Despite that, Elbone stood up for the Riders and gave them his support.

New Adventures

In "Divewings", Elbone quit his job as a fisherman yet again, and started a trash collection business. He picked up the litter that was thrown all over the village and dumped it into the ocean. Unbeknownst to him, the garbage ended up in a Divewing nest and threatened the dragons' eggs. Elbone continued to do so, until he was stopped by Dak and Summer, who explained the situation to him. Just then, Fathom and Gill attacked Elbone's boat and almost sank it. Dak convinced the dragons to stop and asked Elbone to use his fishing skills to collect all the trash he had dumped. He accepted and helped the Rescue Riders protect the Divewings' nest. He apologized to the dragons and started yet another business, in which he delivered scrap metal to Hannahr, in order for her to re-use it. He called the new business recycling.

In "Mecha-Menace", Elbone attempted to be a farmer, calling himself a "land fisherman". He began by planting corn, but didn't quite succeed. Elbone asked Leyla for help, so she, Summer, and Cutter went to his farm and planted a row of seeds. Leyla returned to the village to get more corn, while Elbone and Cutter remained alone. The Razorwing kept digging rows, while Elbone stared in awe. He noticed a dragon approaching, so he assumed it was Summer and went to greet her. However, it turned out to be Magnus' Mechano-Dragon, who almost hit Elbone in its flight. The man watched as Leyla and Summer competed against Axel Finke and the Mechano-Dragon in a seed planting competition. Later that night, Elbone watched a firework show made by the Rescue Riders.

In "Puff Enuf", Elbone started a new business in which he turned seashells into jewelry. While passing by the Maze Caves, he heard strange dragon noises, so he went to the Roost and informed the Rescue Riders about them. He rode back to the beach on Burple, which scared him very much. Upon landing, he left the Rescue Riders to investigate, while he went away in order to collect more seashells. Later, the Rescue Riders noticed Elbone's absence, so they decided to search for him, in case he might have been in danger. Aggro found him first, stuck in quicksand. While helping him, she got herself stuck too. Fortunately, Elbone was saved by Zeppla, a new friend of the Rescue Riders. He then revealed to his friends that he made a new pet for himself, a seashell named Shelly. Elbone was dropped at his home, and he thanked the Rescue Riders for saving him.

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Magnus built an improved a Mechano-Dragon and was looking for someone to be rescued. He asked the whereabouts of Elbone, but a man told him that the fisherman was sick and resting in his home.

In "King Burple", Elbone decided to use a wooden anchor instead of a normal one, which caused his house boat to drift away. He asked the Rescue Riders for help in finding his boat, so he rode on Winger with Dak in their search. Elbone kept screaming after his pet objects, Rocky and Shelly, which greatly annoyed Winger. After hours of search, the Rescue Riders found Elbone's boat on Flyhopper Island. The fisherman quickly found Shelly on the deck, but his other pet, Rocky, fell overboard in a pile of rocks. Elbone desperately searched for his pet rock, but to no avail. After the Rescue Riders were reunited with Burple and Cutter, the Rockspitter quickly found Rocky, much to Elbone's delight. He then sailed to Huttsgalor, accompanied by the Rescue Riders.

In "Belly Flop", Elbone helped Leyla and Burple catch some fish for Summer's birthday. Just as the two Rescue Riders departed, Elbone noticed a whale in the distance, so he sailed closer to it. While approaching, the fisherman fell overboard and was swallowed by a giant Sea Gronckle. Inside the dragon's mouth, Elbone cried for help and was eventually found by Leyla and the others. However, the Rescue Riders failed to convince the Sea Gronckle to open his mouth, so Elbone started to make himself comfortable inside the dragon. Summer was accidentally swallowed by the Sea Gronckle as well, and Elbone excitedly greeted her. The two then found themselves in a tough spot when the dragon began to swallow and digest his food, but fortunately they were saved by Dak's terrible dishes, which caused the Sea Gronckle yo vomit everything. Elbone was then taken back to Huttsgalor by the Rescue Riders.

In "Game of Horns", Elbone participated in the titular event alongside Magnus and Duggard, challenging the latter for the title of chief. However, Elbone failed all the probes and sometimes he ended up in danger. Fortunately, the Rescue Riders were nearby all the time, and saved him from the trouble. The second to last event of the competition was fishing, which Elbone won without even trying, much to his annoyance. Since he scored only one point throughout the competition, Elbone was disqualified from the Race of Doom, so he returned to his home, disappointed in himself.

Hypnotised by a Songwing

When Melodia came to Huttsgalor, looking to make humans sing along with her, Elbone was among the people she hypnotised. The man started singing and dancing, following the dragon everywhere. He was later freed alongside the rest of the villagers by Leyla, who managed to sing more beautifully than Melodia.

Physical Appearance

Elbone wears a light brown short-sleeved tunic with a cream colored undershirt, blue trousers, and brown boots. He has an "Arsenio" haircut, and wears a rope belt around his waist. He has a sparse scruffy beard, possibly indicating a young adult age range.

In the episode "Iced Out", Elbone reveals that he has eleven toes.


Elbone is friendly and optimistic. He likes to come up with new ideas, and might focus on them as his job for a while, before they somehow fail and he moves onto something new. He has not yet accepted that he is good at fishing, and seeks constantly to move away from that career path.



Elbone and Dak quickly became friends when Dak and the Rescue Riders moved to Huttsgalor.

Duggard the Decisive

Duggard is Elbone's chief, and though he knows Elbone will always lend a helping hand, he is at times annoyed by how often he changes occupations in the village.


When they're stuck together on an iceberg, Elbone and Aggro are able to find a way to communicate together to get out of the situation, despite him not being able to speak dragon. The shared situation bonded them for a long time after.


Despite Elbone's initial reaction seeing the dragons, Cutter's assistance preventing him from falling quickly warms him to their presence.




  • Elbone revealing to have eleven toes would indicate that he was born with polydactyly, a rare condition of infants being born with an extra finger or toe.

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