Eirik the Unscalded is a Viking who is mentioned in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Battles against Fritjof and Finding a New Home

One day, after returning from a fishing trip, Eirik found his dragon, Galegrinder, laying unconscious on the ground. Believing the dragon was dead, Eirik raised an army of men and went at war with the man responsible, Fritjof the Foul. They battled multiple times, until other people, annoyed by them, organised a meeting in order to end the fights. Just as Eirik was telling his side of the story, Galegrinder walked on the meeting, proving him wrong. Because of this, Eirik was exiled from the island.

The Viking then sailed to Oxney Island, where he met up with an old friend of his, Thorgest. Eirik asked his friend for some magical beams he had lent him previously, only to find out that Thorgest used them to build himself a home. The two friends then decided to create a new beam, and after they carved it from wood, they went to Dragefjellet, where the beam was blessed by Vindjakker's icy breath. Eirik took the beam with him and sailed to Greenland, where he threw the beam into the water. Eirik then built a home for himself where the beam touched the ground and welcomed Vindjakker every time he came to visit.


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