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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Eir's Crimson Goregutter is a Crimson Goregutter who first appeared in Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.



At some point prior to the events of the game, Eir Stormheart captured this Crimson Goregutter from an unknown location. She used a concoction of dragonvine and Grimora toxin to bend it to her will. She strapped a large orb of the concoction around both of its wrists and atop its head. She then sequestered it to the ruins under Blood Briar Island.


While searching Blood Briar Island for Eir's new location, Scribbler and Patch find their way through various passageways in underground ruins and end up locked in a large room with molten magma and stone platforms lifting out of them. She orders the dragon to attack, while she retreats to another room located behind the chained Goregutter. Scribbler and Patch realize that by moving large etched boulders onto special trigger pads, that they could reach the legs of the Goregutter and smash the toxic orbs there. The Goregutter fires blue-hot fireballs at them as they do so. The orb on the Goregutter's head is harder to reach, but Scribbler and Patch realize that they can trigger a hammer-holding Viking statue to swing and crack the orb on the dragon's head. Eventually, they succeed, and the Crimson Goregutter leaves the ruins by its own choice.

Afterward, it takes up residence on Havenholme at the Dragon Sanctuary Hiccup built on the island.

Physical Appearance

Eir's Crimson Goregutter is a huge beast, but otherwise has the standard coloring and look of an average Goregutter. It has crimson moose-like antlers on its head, a light grey body with red patches on its back. There is a splash of purple on its face and across its wing bones.



  • A Crimson Goregutter with the same coloration appears in Dragons: Rise of Berk, located on the island of Havenholme, which could be Eir's Crimson Goregutter.


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