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You know what, Mr. Thunderdrum? You're gonna help me get my friends back. And I'm gonna make sure that dragon never bothers you again. What do you say? [src]
  — Hiccup  

Earsplitter is a male Thunderdrum who first appeared in the Dragons: Race to the Edge episode, "Imperfect Harmony".


It's a good thing Thunderdrums can't hear music! It's the only thing that saved this dragon from being caught in the Death Song's melodic trap.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Conflict with the Death Song

In "Imperfect Harmony", Earsplitter was first seen on Melody Island, running toward the grounded dragon riders. After hitting them with his sonic blast, he was chased off by Hiccup and Toothless.

Hiccup ran into him again while trying to escape the Death Song. While Earsplitter was mad at Hiccup about before, he focused more on fighting the Death Song. They managed to escape and Hiccup realized he was immune to the Death Song's call and trained him to help save the others.

After breaking the dragons and riders out of the amber cocoons, Hiccup realized the reason why Earsplitter was fighting the Death Song was that it had captured his son. Hiccup and Toothless lured the Death Song into a cave and Earsplitter blasted it shut, after the duo made it out.

Earsplitter happily reunited with his son and Hiccup recommended the two find a new home, though Tuffnut pointed out that the Thunderdrums couldn't hear him.

Physical Appearance

Earsplitter is a violet colored Thunderdrum, which looks exactly the same as Whirlwing and Boom. In Rise of Berk, his wings and underside have hints of light turquoise and blue.



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