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Dreamworks Dragons: Online Card Game was a game available on the Official How to Train Your Dragon Website. It was removed sometime in late June 2016 and is no longer available to play. The main website has also since been taken down.


The Online Card Game is centered around use and exploration of the Official How to Train Your Dragon Website. The player receives some Level 1 starter cards and must earn experience and the game currency "gold". These are earned by finding secret codes around the whole site, as well as doing Card Tournament challenges daily. The player has three daily challenges. The goal is to gain Levels (maximum of 5) and purchase new cards with gold earned.


Tournaments work by a character such as Hiccup presenting a challenge involving dragons. A dragon card will be presented, and the player must select a card from those they have available to challenge that card. All Dragon Classes are represented, and each class performs well against another class. Challenge outcomes are decided by the computer based on the stats of the two cards in play.

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