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DreamWorks Dragons: Ultimate Movie Guide is an overview of the entire DreamWorks Dragons movie trilogy.


Based on the billion dollar DreamWorks franchise, this is the ultimate guide to How to Train Your Dragon.
This definitive, official guide gives you the lowdown on all of Toothless and Hiccup's adventures - from how they first met to their biggest battles. Learn dragon myths, Viking legends and battle stories in this bumper book of Berk.
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The book begins with a general into to the main six Dragon Riders and their island home. It then tells an abridged version of the first film's plot, complete with various screenshots, promotional images, and concept art from the movie. Pages for each of the leading characters and their dragons, including stats and trivia, follow the film's story. The book then goes on to tell the abridged versions of the second and third films, each followed by respective character and dragon pages, all updated as the movies progress. The book ends with an intro to the Hidden World and concept art of New Berk.




Dragon Species




  • Each section of the book is color coordinated. For instance, pages featuring the first film are beige, pages featuring the second are dusty blue, and pages featuring the third are lavender.
    • Likewise, each character has a color theme as well: Hiccup's pages are red, Astrid's are teal, Fishlegs' are purple, the twins' are green, and Snotlout's are orange.
  • Astrid and Hiccup's Relationship is only briefly mentioned in the second film's section.



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