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I remember a Titan Wing Submaripper who caught the Dragon Flu. One sneezing fit and BAM! An entire village flooded! It was actually quite something to behold. [src]
  — Marena  

The Dreaded Dragon Flu is a disease that affects dragons. It is very contagious among dragons.


The Dreaded Dragon Flu is a highly contagious disease affecting dragons, no matter the species. Despite its contagiousness, the disease is relatively rare. It affects both juveniles and adults. Though the method of spread is not delineated, it appears to require close proximity and/or physical contact, though the respiratory aspect implies it can be airborne for at least a short time. Incubation time before the start of symptoms is unknown, but appears to - at a minimum - be 'overnight', so an estimated twelve hours. It is unknown what the causal agent is, but presumably it is bacterial or viral.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Cold and Flu-like Symptoms - congestion, runny nose, coughing and sneezing
  • Lethargy and weakness
  • Difficulty controlling primary ability (such as firepower)
  • Fever
  • Chills

A late-stage complication is 'wing freeze' - presumably a type of paralysis - which can be permanent, grounding the effected dragon for life.


The Dreaded Dragon Flu is treated symptomatically. The affected dragon may need to be kept warm, or in the case of a self-heating dragon such as a Fire Fury, cooled down. Care must be taken to minimize damage from the dragon's out-of-control abilities. The patient must also be kept fed and hydrated.

The Dreaded Dragon Flu is implied to not be a fatal disease, or at least not always. Though it can run its course without treatment, the lasting effect of wing paralysis can ultimately be fatal to a flying dragon.

A rapid remedy to the disease itself, rather than just symptoms, is Help Kelp, a species of seaweed. Only a single front is needed for a medium-sized dragon for a cure in less than an hour.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

In "Sick Day" Burple was the first dragon to start showing symptoms of the dragon flu, with Winger, Cutter, and Aggro showing it the next day. Summer was the last to start showing symptoms, showing them after she and Leyla got the Help Kelp to cure the disease. Marena mentions hearing of a Submaripper who suffered from the Dreaded Dragon Flu and destroyed an entire village with its water blasts.


  • The Dreaded Dragon Flu is similar to the Eel Pox in that both are highly contagious diseases. The only difference is that while humans are immune to the Dreaded Dragon Flu, the Eel Pox affects both dragons and humans.


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