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Dragons: Riders of Berk is the first season of the American television series, DreamWorks Dragons, which follows the events of the How to Train Your Dragon feature film. and bridges said film with the second installment of the trilogy. Like the film, it is loosely based on the How to Train Your Dragon book series. This season involves the Vikings of Berk learning to live cooperatively with dragons in their society while coming into conflict with the Outcast Tribe and their Chief, Alvin the Treacherous.

Dragons was announced on October 12, 2010 and the first season premiered on August 7, 2012 and ended on March 20, 2013. Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and T.J. Miller reprise their roles from the film as Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Tuffnut respectively. They are joined by Zack Pearlman, Julie Marcus, Nolan North, and Chris Edgerly who play Snotlout, Ruffnut, Stoick the Vast, and Gobber respectively. The characters played by the newcomers are played in the feature films respectively by Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Gerard Butler, and Craig Ferguson.


Get ready for fire-breathing fun and action-packed excitement with the complete first season of Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk — the thrilling animated TV series base on the Academy Ward-Nominated hit movie How To Train Your Dragon! Join Hiccup, his faithful pal Toothless, and their friends as they face strange new dragons and unexpected dangers that threaten the Viking Villagers.


No. Image Title Airdate
01 RoB S01E01 (40).png "How to Start a Dragon Academy" August 7, 2012
In the aftermath of the movie, the kids are enjoying their new lives with dragons, but the rest of the villagers aren't so sure. Hiccup and the other kids must find a way that the dragons can help the village, or risk having them get banished forever.
02 Hiccup teaching 2.jpg "Viking for Hire" August 7, 2012
Without the need for dragon killing weapons, Gobber finds himself without a job in Berk. It's up to Hiccup to find a new calling for his friend and mentor.
03 Tumblr ma5ut3CBRY1ryxe54o1 1280.jpg "Animal House" September 4, 2012
With the winter storms approaching, the dragon riders are forced to find a way to help the Berk farm animals (yaks, sheep, etc.) overcome their fear of the dragons. If they can't, Berk will starve from lack of eggs, milk, wool, etc.
04 Torch-dreamworks-dragons-riders-of-berk-33847703-833-511.png "The Terrible Twos" September 11, 2012
When Hiccup discovers an injured baby dragon who he names Torch, Toothless takes a fierce dislike to the energetic and mischievous beast. But unbeknownst the riders, Torch's much bigger and angrier mother is looking for him and is headed their way.
05 Tumblr maxv3tuiN81ryxe54o2 1280.jpg "In Dragons We Trust" September 18, 2012
Hiccup is given the responsibility to integrate dragons into the village of Berk and must contend with his rowdy friends, unruly dragons, and an upset village elder.
06 Riders Alvin-1-.png "Alvin and the Outcasts" September 25, 2012
After losing their armory and their dragons, Berk finds itself facing an attack by Alvin the Treacherous and the Outcasts, their sworn enemies. Hiccup and the other dragon riders must ward off the Outcasts long enough to get their dragons back.
07 Stoick 3.png "How to Pick Your Dragon" October 3, 2012
When Stoick decides he needs a dragon of his own to help with his duties as chief, he starts monopolizing Toothless, leaving Hiccup to find a new dragon for his father to ride.
08 PoHaaBYM-40-HiccupStoickPortrait.JPG "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man" October 10, 2012
Hiccup is dismayed when he sees his and Stoick's father-son portrait has been altered to make Hiccup look more muscular. Desperate to prove himself to his father, Hiccup sets out to find a fabled long-lost treasure.
09 Im.jpeg "Dragon Flower" October 17, 2012
When Mildew plants Blue Oleander flower throughout Berk, the dragons fall deathly ill one-by-one. Hiccup and Stoick must venture out to find the Scauldron, an aquatic dragon whose venom is the only cure for the flower's poison.
10 Tumblr mdqtqsuITk1ryxe54o1 1280.jpg "Heather Report, Part 1" November 14, 2012
When a young girl named Heather washes up on the shores of Berk, seemingly attacked by pirates, Astrid is suspicious of her motives, especially when Heather takes a vested interest in the workings of the dragon academy. The episode is the first of another two-part story.
11 LockedUp.png "Heather Report, Part 2" November 21, 2012
Heather reveals that Alvin is holding her parents captive, blackmailing her into working for him. Astrid embarks on a mission to Outcast Island, disguised as Heather, to retrieve the lost Book of Dragons and rescue Heather's parents.
12 112-medals.jpg "Thawfest" November 28, 2012
When dragon events are included in the annual Thaw Festival games, Hiccup sees a chance to finally beat Snotlout, the winner for the past several years. But when Hiccup's competitiveness gets the better of him, he risks alienating his friends.
13 Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 2.48.54 PM.png "When Lightning Strikes" December 5, 2012
Mildew leads the village to near revolt when Toothless appears to be attracting a vicious lightning storm, claiming that Thor is punishing the village for taking him in and that the Night Fury must be banished.
14 Tumblr mhvewpo3Ll1ryxe54o1 1280.jpg "What Flies Beneath" February 6, 2013
When the Whispering Death, a vicious tunneling species of dragon, comes to Berk, it becomes clear that he and Toothless have a long-term grudge to settle. The only problem is that Toothless won't let Hiccup help him, and thus he's unable to fly.
15 Dagur the Deranged.png "Twinsanity" February 13, 2013
Just before the annual visit from the chief of the Berserker Tribe, the twins have a falling out. But they must come back together to save their dragon from certain doom.
16 Toothless' torn tail.jpeg "Defiant One" February 20, 2013
While arguing during a flight, Hiccup and an insubordinate Snotlout get stranded on Outcast Island. Hiccup must evade wild dragons and repair Toothless's tail before Alvin discovers he's on the island.
17 117 preview pic 2.png "Breakneck Bog" February 27, 2013
When Trader Johann goes missing, Hiccup and the kids venture out to find him. They discover that Johann's ship has been taken by the mysterious creatures of Breakneck Bog, along with his cargo: a gift from Hiccup's late mother.
18 Vlcsnap-2013-03-09-03h42m39s38.png "Gem of a Different Color" March 6, 2013
When Fishlegs discovers a supposed Stone of Good Fortune, the kids soon realize that the stones are in fact Changewing eggs. Soon enough, the mother Changewings overrun Berk in search of their missing babies.
19 7.jpeg "We Are Family, Part 1" March 13, 2013
When Hiccup is entrusted with the writings and notes of Bork, Berk's legendary dragon expert, he discovers information that could lead to the Isle of Night… the supposed home of the Night Furies.
20 Seeing Hiccup in trouble.jpg "We Are Family, Part 2" March 20, 2013
When Alvin betrays Mildew, Hiccup aids him in escaping Outcast Island. Hiccup, Toothless, Mildew, and the rest of the dragon academy face off against Alvin, the Outcasts, and the wild dragons of Outcast Island.


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