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Dak: "So, we have to somehow sneak past a dragon with a hypnotizing roar, and pull off the biggest rescue mission we've ever done?"
Leyla: "Mm-hm."
Dak: "I'm in."

Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing is a Dragons: Rescue Riders special that was released on Netflix on July 24th, 2020.


When a musical dragon with a beautiful voice hypnotizes the dragons and people of Huttsgalor, the Rescue Riders have to find a way to break the spell.
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At sunrise, Leyla exits The Roost and starts singing the song Nothing Quite Like Home. While Leyla is singing, she observes what the other Rescue Riders are doing after going onto the lift the top of the Roost. Leyla slides down the roof and takes the zip line down to the practice area next to the sleep cave. Leyla spends a short time in the practice area and dances briefly with Haggis, after which she goes to the bridge leading to Huttsgalor. She observes Magnus Finke fly by in his Mechano-Dragon, and also sees Elbone on his ship as well as seeing Duggard carving a Haggis statue. After that Leyla heads back towards the Roost, and goes to the area above the sleep cave and finishes her song there with her being interrupted by Burple, which causes her to scream. Burple grabs Leyla and carries her down to the area below placing her down in front of the entrance to the sleep cave. Burple remarks during that Leyla's singing is amazing. As he finishes saying that the others return and wonder what Burple thought was amazing. Burple tells the others that Leyla is a great singer. The others want to hear Leyla sing, but she declines and makes up an excuse to not sing and goes into the sleep cave. Dak the mentions that Leyla is a great singer but she is too scared to sing in front of anybody, which has been the case as long as he can remember.

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Cutter then notes that the fish barrel is empty and Dak asks the dragons who wants to volunteer to do it. Aggro, who is annoyed by Burple and his bad singing, volunteers. Aggro heads out to the ocean and starts looking for fish, and during the process she runs into Cinda and Laburn. Aggro is surprised to see Laburn and Cinda, and asks them what they are doing there. Cinda says they live down on the island they are nearby at that point, which further confuses Aggro because she thought they liked to fly and explore. During the conversation Cinda and Laburn sing some of the things they say to Aggro, which annoys her. Laburn and Cinda invite Aggro to the island, and she agrees to go.

SOTSW - Now that you're all.jpg

Back at the Roost, Cutter shows off his inverted spike shot. Winger and Leyla then realize that Aggro has been off fishing for a long time, and the Rescue Riders head off to find Aggro. They search for Aggro for a bit before Cutter finally finds her using his super sight. The Rescue Riders land on the island Aggro is on, and notice that she is acting a bit weird. After she flies off, Summer notes that Aggro's eyes are purple. The Rescue Riders follow Aggro, and on the way to where Aggro is leading them, they run into Laburn, Cinda, Zeppla, Oscar and Snoop, with Oscar singing the song You Can't Beat Melodia's Sound with two other Flyhoppers, Emmy and Razzie. Eventually they reach the middle of the island where they hear the dragons chanting for the songstress to come out. Melodia, a Songwing, comes out of the cave and she notices the Rescue Riders and tells them that if they're going to be guests on her island that she has one tiny request.

SOTSW - So come on now and sing.jpg

Melodia then starts singing the song Sing With Me. The hypnotized dragons join her in singing the song, and eventually Winger, Summer, Cutter and Burple join in as well. Leyla then notices that the dragons' eyes are turning purple. Leyla and Dak then jump onto Summer and Winger respectively and prevent them from being hypnotized. Summer and Winger grab Cutter and Burple, and the Rescue Riders retreat back to the edge of the island. Back at the edge of the island the Rescue Riders try to figure out what just happened. Dak realizes that Melodia's voice somehow hypnotized the dragons to sing. Leyla then mentions that Melodia is a Songwing which she didn't realize right away because Songwings are supposed to live in pairs. Leyla then mentions that she had heard about Songwings before but never actually met one and that they are supposed to have "very melodic voices they use to calm down anyone who might attack them." After Dak mentions that Melodia's voice didn't effect him or Leyla, they decide to talk go and talk to Melodia to try to get her to free the dragons.

SOTSW - Leave whenever she wants.jpg

Leyla and Dak then go back to the middle of the island, and call out for Melodia. As the approach the steps, Melodia appears out of nowhere having heard Leyla and Dak coming. Leyla and Dak tell Melodia that they just want to talk to her, and she agrees. Melodia mentions to the twins that Aggro and Zeppla and the others have told her all about them and that she'd wish they'd sing with her. Leyla responds that her singing is what they want to talk to her about. Dak tells Melodia that she needs to let their friends go. Melodia responds that any of the dragons are free to leave when they want, and says they can ask Aggro if she wants to leave, which Dak does. Aggro refuses to leave wanting to stay with Melodia forever. After Leyla and Dak see the conversation is going nowhere, they retreat back to the edge of the island to figure out what to do next. After the twins retreat Melodia asks Aggro tell her more about her human friends as she would like to sing with them too.

SOTSW - We can't hear you.jpg

Back at the edge of the island, Leyla and Dak tell the others what happened with Melodia and Aggro. The Rescue Riders realize they need to get to the dragons when Melodia isn't around and convince them to leave. Leyla decides they'll start with rescuing Aggro and tells the others her first plan, which is to send Burple and Cutter low from the one side. Burple and Cutter put the plan into action and have some success, but Burple's sneezing due to the flowers causes the plan to fail and forces them to retreat to avoid being hypnotized by Melodia. Leyla then comes up with a new plan, which is to have Dak and Winger go in under the cover of night. Dak and Winger put the plan in motion, and it starts well but when Dak lowers himself with a Rescue Vine he lands on Snoop's head, which get the attention of Melodia, and forces Dak and Winger to retreat, with Dak preventing Winger from being hypnotized.

SOTSW - Leyla and Summer having run into Melodia.jpg

Leyla then comes up with a third plan, which is to have her and Summer sneak in through the river. Leyla and Summer put the plan in motion, put while still in the river they run into Gill and Fathom. This attracts the attention of Melodia, and Summer starts to be hypnotized but Leyla jumps to a moss-covered rock and grabs some Moss, then jumps back onto Summer and puts moss into both of her ears. Leyla and Summer then retreat back to the edge of the island during which one of the moss earplugs falls out of Summer's ears causing her to be hypnotized. On their return to the edge of the island Leyla says they didn't even get close to Aggro, but that she was fortunate to spot the moss and put it in Summer's ears in time. Dak then realizes that there is moss in only one of Summer's ears, and the Rescue Riders realize that Summer has been hypnotized. Summer then flies off to Melodia, singing as she heads to the middle of the island.

SOTSW - I do have a plan d.jpg

Dak then says there has got to be a way to save Summer and Aggro. Cutter then mentions that they'll never get past Melodia's squad of scaly sopranos especially if Burple keeps sneezing like he did. Burple says the flowers are causing him to sneeze, and Leyla tells him that they are Dragon Pepper flowers, and confirms for Burple that dragon pepper is the same stuff that pirates use, and mentions that some dragons are more sensitive to the dragon pepper flowers. Leyla then realizes and mentions that she does have a plan D.

SOTSW - Fabulous.jpg

Back at the Melodia's cave, Oscar, Emmy, and Razzie show off their harmonizing, and Melodia compliments their harmonizing. Winger, Cutter and Burple then fly by Zeppla, who mentions to Melodia that they have guests. As soon as Winger, Cutter and Burple land, Melodia asks them what brings them back to her music cave. All three mention that they've decided to join her band. Melodia is glad to hear it and says everyone wants to join once they hear her high note. Melodia then starts singing the song Sing With Me again. Winger, Cutter, Burple sing along and act like they've been hypnotized. Leyla mentions to Dak that the none of the dragon's eyes are turning purple which means the moss is working. Dak replies that he hopes the next part of her plan works as well.

SOTSW - Melodia sneezing again.jpg

While Melodia continues to sing, Dak and Leyla split up, each carrying bags of dragon pepper and slings to fling them with. Dak aims the bag of dragon pepper and sends it at Melodia, but Aggro gets in front of Melodia and gets hit by the bag of dragon pepper after having noticed Dak was about to send something at Melodia. Dak then runs off, luring the dragons with him. With that distraction, Leyla easily hits Melodia with a bag of dragon pepper which causes her to sneeze and makes her unable to sing. Leyla hits Melodia with a second bag of dragon pepper, after which Melodia, who is sneezing, asks her what she did. Leyla replies that they did what they had to do, noting that Melodia can't sing if you're sneezing. Dak adds that are guessing that if Melodia is sneezing then she can't control their friends anymore. Leyla then calls for all the dragons to come with them, and after she gets on Summer says let's go home.

SOTSW - Hearing Cutter say still hypnotized.jpg

Aggro then tells all the dragons to listen to Leyla and everyone leaves the island while Melodia cries for them to not leave her there to sing alone. After leaving the island, the Rescue Riders and all the other dragons fly to Huttsgalor, and land in the practice area by the sleep cave when they get there. Cutter then says the last two days were a full couple of days. Dak then realizes as he thinks it is over that the dragons eyes are still purple. Winger wonders if the spell wasn't broken, and Cutter tests it out by calling for Aggro, who sings her response to him, which confirms that the dragons are still hypnotized. Right after that the hypnotized dragons start flying in a circle and singing the song, "Queen of Song". Dak asks the dragons what is going on and Cinda and Laburn say they are singing, as that is how Songwings find each other.

SOTSW - The dragons forming a circle.jpg

After Cutter asks the question about their being more singing, Aggro says that he hasn't heard the best part yet as Melodia is working on song that will allow her to hypnotize people, something she started doing after she met Dak and Leyla. Summer adds that the song Melodia is working on would make people sing with her too. The dragons then all go back to singing, and Leyla and Dak state that the situation is bad. The next morning, the dragons are still singing the song Queen of Song, which they have been singing all night. Burple and Cutter mention that the song would be really catchy if it wasn't attracting Melodia to Huttsgalor. Cutter then adds that he thought the dragons would be tired out by now. Leyla then says that nothing they've tried has stopped them from singing. Dak then runs by as he is trying to give a fish to one of the Flyhoppers. Burple then tries to asks the dragons nicely to stop singing, but they don't, and he mentions they can cross that of the list of things they've tried. Leyla then mentions it is too late and puts Moss in Burple's ears as she notices Melodia approaching Huttsgalor.

SOTSW - The Huttsgalorian's dancing.jpg

Melodia on reaching Huttsgalor greets her dragons, happy to see them again. Aggro asks Melodia if they can sing, and Melodia says they'll do lots of singing but says they need to add a bunch of voices to their chorus first. Leyla tries to stop Melodia from hypnotizing the people of Huttsgalor by telling her that she can't use her powers to hypnotize people or dragons. Melodia claims that she isn't hypnotizing anyone, and that it is anyone's choice to join. Duggard is out greeting the villagers when Melodia reaches town and Dak and Leyla tell him and the others to cover their ears, but they don't listen because they don't understand why they should. Melodia then starts singing but it doesn't work because she started in the wrong key. Melodia then starts singing the song Now is the Time. Very quickly, the villagers get the urge to sing, and end up being hypnotized by Melodia. After Melodia finishes singing she heads up and takes over the Roost, and her gang of dragons and people run after her.

SOTSW - Feel free.jpg

Leyla, Burple, Dak, Winger and Cutter then retreat to the Maze Caves which is their new home. They discuss how they might break Melodia's spell, and Leyla says she doesn't know if anything will work since Melodia's voice is so beautiful. Burple then shares the idea that they could makes noises so loud and annoying that it will snap everyone out of being hypnotized. Burple demonstrates by making various annoying noises. Leyla responds to this but saying that Burple has the right idea but he is the wrong dragon for it. The Rescue Riders then go to Hazard Island to get the Baby Piercing Shriekscales. While there Dak tells Grumblegard why they need the Baby Shriekscales, and asks if they can borrow them. Grumblegard gives them permission as he could use the peace and quiet.

SOTSW - The shriekscales having been brought by the others.jpg

The Rescue Riders then head back to Huttsgalor with the Baby Shriekscales. Just outside the practice area, Dak goes through a quick checklist and determines everything is ready and they can go forward with the plan. Leyla and Dak then head towards the Roost and say hello to everyone there. Dak then gives the verbal signal to unleash the baby Piercing Shriekscales. The Shriekscales are put on the ground and then start screeching. At the start, the plan works and the dragons and human's eyes are turning back to normal, but the shrieking gets Melodia's attention, and she asks what is going on. Dak says the screeching is music to the Rescue Riders ears, which causes Melodia to start singing, which re-hypnotizes the humans and dragons. The plans ends up failing as the screeching isn't loud of enough to overpower Melodia's singing.

SOTSW - Burple heading towards Melodia.jpg

Leyla, Dak, Winger, Cuttter, Burple then retreat with the Baby Shriekscales, who are on Burple's back. While retreating, one of the Baby Shriekscales pulls the moss earplug out of one of Burple's ears which causes Burple to get hypnotized and he joins Melodia's chorus. As Burple starts heading back to the Roost, Leyla jumps off of him and onto Cutter, and everyone but Burple heads back to the Maze caves. Grumbelgard ends up finding the Rescue Riders there, and Dak asks what he is doing there since they told him they would bring the Shriekscales back. Grumblegard replies that he knows, and adds that they would do so after their plan didn't work. Dak asks Grumbelgard how he knew their plan wouldn't work, and Grumblegard said he had a hunch and that for him a hunch is enough.

SOTSW - Singing the words we believe in you.jpg

Leyla then asks Grumblegard what would break the spell of a Songwing, and Grumbelgard replies that they need another Songwing, unless can find someone who sings better than a Songwing. At that, Grumbelgard takes the Baby Shriekscales and heads back to Hazard Island. Dak then says they do know someone who has as good a sing voice as Melodia and tells Leyla that her singing voice is just as good as Melodia's, and it's maybe even better. Leyla says it isn't, and even if it is, she can't sing in front of people and dragons. Leyla says isn't just fear but that her she can't control her voice from being off when singing in front of others. Dak then starts singing the song We Believe In You, and Winger and Cutter join in. After they finish the song, Leyla appreciates them believing in her but she says she can't sing in front of anyone no matter what. Dak then comes up with idea that what if there was a way for her to out-sing the Songwing while she was all alone. Leyla asks how she could do that.

SOTSW - Magnus having landed on top of his machine.jpg

The Rescue Riders then go to Magnus Finke's House, and Magnus notices them and says he was hoping they'd show up there today because he has something he wants to tell them. Magnus then starts singing the song I Told You So. Leyla then thinks Magnus has been hypnotized and Magnus interrupts his song to say he hasn't, and that given what has gone on today that singing would be the best way to rub it in. Magnus then continues singing and finishes his song. Dak the asks Magnus if he is able to build a machine that makes someone's voice very, very loud. Magnus replies he already has and pulls out his Voice Amplification device, and demonstrates how it works. Dak then asks Mangus if they can borrow the machine and he asks what is in it for him, and Leyla and Dak tell him he would be a hero. On hearing that Magnus says yes, singing his response.

SOTSW - Burple starting to come through the doors.jpg

After that the Rescue Riders take Magnus' voice amplification device to the village and set it up in the Great Hall. Once everything is ready, Dak goes over to Leyla and asks if she is ready to sing. Leyla replies saying she isn't, but that she'll do her best. Dak, Winger, and Cutter then leave the Great Hall through a side door. Leyla walks up to the device and picks up the part she needs to sing into, and starts singing. Leyla's singing catches the attention of the hypnotized people and dragons as well as Melodia, who wonders where the singing is coming from. Melodia sees people running towards the Great Hall and figures the singing is coming from there. She then orders Burple to stop the singing, and Burple starts rolling towards the Great Hall. Dak hops of the bushes and tries to stop Burple, but Burple just runs him over, which causes the moss earplugs to come out of Dak's ears, and goes into the Great Hall crashing through the doors and knocking over the device, which causes Leyla to stop singing.

SOTSW - Singing at the same time.jpg

Dak tells Leyla that she needs to keep singing. Leyla, due to her fear, says she can't. Melodia responds by saying she can and starts singing again. Leyla then quickly puts moss earplugs in ears and avoids being hypnotized, but Dak, who has no moss earplugs in his ears, gets hypnotized and starts singing. Winger and Cutter try to encourage Leyla to sing, saying she needs to do it save the others. After hearing Dak tell Leyla to join Melodia's chorus, Leyla starts singing the song, Song In My Heart. Leyla hops on Winger and he flies around Melodia. Melodia then joins in singing the song trying to prevent Leyla from breaking Melodia's spell. Leyla after temporarily getting off Winger, hops back on Winger and he flies up into the air and Melodia follows as she and Leyla keep singing. Winger eventually lands on the roof of the Great Hall, with Melodia landing on a different roof. Leyla then hops off of Winger and runs across the roof. Leyla and Melodia then finish the song with Leyla singing that it is time for everyone to be free.

SOTSW - Thanks to you, Ley.jpg

As soon as Leyla stops singing, the hypnotized people and dragons are freed from Melodia's spell. Winger brings Leyla down from the roof and she runs up to her brother and hugs him. Right after that the rest of the Rescue Riders join them and they share a group hug. Duggard and Elbone then ask what happened, and Leyla tells them that they will explain it to them later, but first they needed to help a dragon. Leyla then went to Melodia and told her that she and the others realize why she used her hypnotizing voice to make everybody sing with her. Melodia apologizes and Leyla replies that she now realizes that is more singing together than alone and says they will help her find her song mate.

SOTSW - Everyone singing.jpg

That evening, Leyla has finished setting up the voice amplification device, and tells Melodia to sing into it. Melodia then starts singing the song Wherever You Are, while the Rescue Riders initially listen. Dak then encourages everyone to help Melodia out by singing with her, and the Rescue Riders run up to the device and join Melodia in singing. Melodia's song mate, Cantata then nears the mountain Melodia and the Rescue Riders are on, and Melodia notices her and flies up to her. Melodia and Cantata now reunited stat singing and fly away from the mountain as the Rescue Riders watch them.


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  • Winger when talking to Zeppla makes reference to what Zeppla said she was going to do on Puffertail Island right before she headed back there in "Puff Enuf".
  • Oscar and his two friends calling Cutter a clown is reference to the episode, "King Burple" when they called him the same thing.
  • An instrumental version of Nothing Quite Like Home plays during the end credits for this episode instead of the instrumental version of the Theme Song. This marks the first and so far only instance that something other than the instrumental version of the Theme Song is played during the end credits.


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