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Dak: "Wait, chief! What if we helped you prepare for the second day of Odinyule, so everyone can celebrate safely?"
Leyla: "And Summer, Burple and I will try to find out if something could be actually causing all this crazy weather."
Dak: "We can fix this, chief. Promise!"

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday is a Dragons: Rescue Riders holiday special that was released on Netflix on November 24, 2020.[1]


Snowfall marks the start of Odinyule — the Viking holiday of giving! But crazy weather might cancel the tradition unless the Rescue Riders can swoop in.


HH - Summer and Aggro making snow angels.jpg

One morning, inside the sleeping cave at The Roost, Summer is the first dragon to wake up. She rushes outside, hoping for a sunny day, only to scream in surprise when she notices that snow has fallen overnight. The other dragons wake up from her scream and rush out side thinking they are in danger, but they quickly calm down after seeing all the snow. They then start playing in the snow, until Dak and Leyla surprise them with a snowball fight. Burple loads up his bellies with snow and starts shooting in every direction. To protect Leyla, Summer shoots a water blast, which instantly freezes, much to her surprise. Then, Aggro accidentally melts a snow dragon Winger had built, and the two girls agree that they're not made for cold weather.

HH - Today marks the first day of Odinyule.jpg

Just then, a bell rings from the town of Huttsgalor, and the Rescue Riders decide to investigate. When the arrive, Duggard the Decisive announces in front of the townspeople the beginning of Odinyule, an annual celebration. Dak and Leyla ask the chief about Odinyule, so he explains all the traditions that come with the holiday, including Odinnog, a drink made by Elbone. After tasting it, Duggard claims that the taste is awful and asks Elbone to try the recipe again. The Rescue Riders then see Magnus Finke arriving in town and wish him a happy Odinyule. However, the man scoffs at them and tells them that he only came to test his latest invention, an Automatic Woolen Sock Knitter.

HH - I didn't need your help.jpg

He explains that the machine knits socks very fast and that each individual costs two gold coins. Duggard buys a pair, but the machine creates enormous socks. While Magnus tries to fix it, the machine gets out of control and starts shooting socks in every direction, destroying some of the decorations. Dak and Winger then stop it and protect the village from it, much to Magnus' anger. The man then reminds Duggard that Odinyule is a Viking holiday and leaves the town. Duggard disagrees and invites the Rescue Riders to decorate the town, happy to call them his family.

HH - It's an Odinyule tradition.jpg

The Rescue Riders start hanging decorations around the village, with Aggro lighting un lanterns. A pile of snow falls on her, covering her completely, so Summer comes to her aid. However, she encases her friend in a chunk of ice, and apologies that she forgot about her blast that freezes, while Aggro thaws herself out. Burple prepares to put some bells on the Odinyule Tree, when he is blown out of the air by a sudden burst of wind. Duggard then tells Dak and Leyla that it is time to put presents in the tree. He uses a ladder to climb it, while the dragons help putting the gifts on the upper layers.

HH - A dragon egg.jpg

Finngard Borgomon approaches Dak and Leyla and asks them if he will receive a dragon egg for Odinyule. Dak apologies to the boy, saying that he's still too young, and invites him to fly with him and Winger when they're not busy with missions. Leyla then has the idea of inviting Grumblegard and the hatchlings he adopted to Huttsgalor for the holiday. Dak agrees, so Leyla and Summer prepare to take off. Burple wants to come along, so he empties his stomachs of bells and rocks, and the three head to Hazard Island. Leyla notices another storm approaching the island, with Summer remarking that it was already very cold.

HH - Catching Duggard.jpg

Later, the Rescue Riders finish decorating the village and take a minute to admire the Odinyule Tree. Duggard remembers that the tree is supposed to have the Odinyule crown at the top of it, but refuses Dak and Winger's help. However, when he reaches the top of the tree, a sudden burst of wind hits the village, with the chief calling the Rescue Riders for help. Winger catches Duggard before he can hit the ground while Cutter and Aggro save the tree and the presents. The chief screams at the villagers to hide in their homes as he grabs Haggis and gets him to safety. The Rescue Riders rush towards the Roost, hoping that Leyla, Summer, and Burple are doing better.

HH - I can never get my tail warm.jpg

On the way to Grumblegard, Burple notices that it hasn't snowed on Hazard Island, much to Summer's relief. Grumblegard is in the middle of teaching the dragon hatchlings how to fly properly, when the Rescue Riders land. The babies excitedly greet them and accidentally knock Burple over. Leyla invites Grumblegard to Huttsgalor, and Summer exclaims that he won't be able to guess that her blast freezes in the cold. She is a bit disappointed to find out that Grumblegard already knew. He claims that Odinyule isn't an interesting celebration and that winter was already hard for him. He reveals a pile of Fire Fruit that he collected for the cold season, but doesn't let the other dragons eat one. Leyla asks him if they could at least bring the babies to Huttsgalor, but the Foreverhorn refuses again, and the Rescue Riders head back to their home.

HH - Duggard hearing what Leyla said.jpg

While flying through the night, Leyla, Summer, and Burple are disappointed that Grumblegard didn't want to join them, but are eager to see how Dak and the others have decorated the town. However, they find the village devastated by the storm, so Leyla asks her brother what has happened. Dak explains how a storm kept starting and stopping through the night, which destroyed some of the decorations. Summer remarks how there isn't any snow on Hazard Island and that the strange phenomenon is only happening on Huttsgalor. Duggard decides to cancel Odinyule because the unpredictable weather, but the Rescue Riders offer to help him redecorate the town and find out what is causing the snow storms.

HH - Found the cause of the.jpg

Dak asks Duggard what happens on the second day of the holiday, and the chief tells him that the townspeople gather in a parade and sing carols, but because of the heavy snow, everyone was locked inside their homes. Dak assures him that he and his friend will fix everything and put back the decorations. Meanwhile, Leyla, Summer, and Burple fly towards the north side of the island, where the storm is very strong. Burple wings start to freeze and Summer warns Leyla that they cannot fly in that weather much longer. However, Leyla notices that the wind comes from a cave in front of them, so the three fly towards it to check it out.

HH - Doing a little clean up.jpg

Back in the village, the Rescue Riders easily clean up the snow, and the townspeople help redecorating the village. Cutter asks if people serve cake for Odinyule, but immediately changes his mind. As Aggro uses her heat to melt the snow, she accidentally bumps into Magnus' sock knitter, just as the man arrives in town. He reveals that he has modified the machine so that it clears the snow from the town. He turns it on, but the machine launches two socks that land on a child's head. Magnus tries again, and the invention starts to work properly, but it blows out the snow on people's heads. As Magnus moves the machine around town, Dak states that he has a bad feeling about it.

HH - The baby chilllblasters revealing themselves.jpg

At the same time, Leyla, Summer, and Burple enter the cave and find three dragon hatchlings inside. The babies start blasting snow at them, and they merely dodge the attacks. Leyla identifies them as Chillblasters, but doesn't understand why they are so hostile. Just then a pack of wolves enter the cave and attack the hatchlings. The babies start shooting snow at them, which gives Burple the idea of swallowing a pile of snow and shooting snowballs. Summer then uses her frozen blast to create walls between the babies and the wolves. However, the wolves keep coming despite Summer and Burple's best efforts, so they decide to take the Chillblasters to the village.

HH - Magnus trying to catch the machine.jpg

Meanwhile, in the town, Dak realizes that Magnus' snow blowing machine works flawlessly, despite his former fear. Magnus pauses to criticize the boy, not realizing that the machine is still moving. Dak warns him about it, and Magnus quickly stops the invention before it can hit the Odinyule Tree. However, when he turns it back on, the machine starts malfunctioning and throws snow in every direction. Before the Rescue Riders can stop it, the device hits the tree, but the dragons are able to catch it and put it back in its place. Winger then shoots the invention, destroying it before it could cause more trouble. Magnus is annoyed by this, but after being covered in snow by his own machine, he leaves the town.

HH - It's Odinyule.jpg

Seeing that the village is clear of snow, Duggard announces the beginning of the second day of Odinyule. The townspeople gather around the Odinyule Tree and sing a joyful carol, just as Leyla, Summer, and Burple return with the Chillblaster hatchlings. Finngard believes that Leyla brought the babies for him, but she explains that they were the cause of the bad weather. Cutter is unconvinced by it, but quickly changes his mind after one of the Chillblasters freezes his spikes. Duggard congratulates the Rescue Riders for helping him and goes to place the golden helmet at the top of the tree again. However, due to a big crack at its base that went unnoticed, the tree falls over, much to everyone's shock.

HH - This is the worst thing I've ever.jpg

Duggard declares that it is the worst Odinyule he has experienced and the people of Huttsgalor agree with him. Elbone interrupts, asking if anyone wants to test his latest Odinyule, but he drinks it himself, claiming it has a bad taste. The hatchlings then start running around the village and play with Haggis, worsening Duggard's day. However, they all stop when Finngard shows up and all run to him, cuddling the boy. The chief tries to deny that anything went wrong with the celebration, so the Rescue Riders apologise for the mess. They decide to take the Chillblasters to the Roost and figure out why they keep blasting snow. Finngard wants to join them, too, so he hops on Summer.

HH - Will figure something out.jpg

Dak assures the chief that they will fix everything, just like they have done in the first two days. However, Duggard starts crying, claiming that there is no time to get new presents. Still, Dak promises that he'll do his best to help him. Elbone suddenly arrives and offers to travel to the Northern Markets and buy new presents for Odinyule. Duggard agrees to the plan and Elbone heads towards his boat. He then heads in the wrong direction, making Winger question the success of the idea. Duggard then asks Dak what to do about the destroyed Odinyule Tree, and the boy assures him that he already has a plan for it.

HH - The baby chillblasters making a signal.jpg

Meanwhile, at the Roost, the hatchlings keep shooting snow into the sky, making Leyla and Summer question their reason. The girl gives a fish to one of the Chillblasters, but it just freezes it and leaves. Summer suggests that they want to play and builds them three ice slides. The babies are curious about them, but Finngard knocks them over before they could play on them, much to the Rescue Riders' annoyance. The Chillblasters then go back to blowing snow into the sky and Leyla realizes that they are signalling their mother. Summer is unsure of it and asks what could have happened to their mother.

HH - The decorated tree.jpg

Back in the village, Dak presents Duggard with a new tree for Odinyule, this time a real one taken from the forest. The chief is reluctant to accept it, claiming that they have no decorations for it. Dak proposes making new ones, with the help of the dragons. Burple proceeds to spit out a few pieces of Belzium that he was storing in his stomachs and Cutter uses his spikes to carve out stars out of blacks of ice. Burple also spits out some fish skeletons, which Dak ties together, creating a large string that he and Winger place around the new tree. After the tree is fully decorated, Duggard deems it impressive and asks how are they going to put the presents on the branches. Dak suggests putting them under the tree, as well as in Magnus' giant socks, much to the inventor's irritation.

HH - Trying to call.jpg

Leyla suddenly arrives in town and warns Dak that they have a problem with the Chillblasters. She explains her theory about the hatchling calling out to their mother and Dak agrees to search for her. He then asks what they are going to do with the babies, since they couldn't bring them on the mission. Leyla suggests leaving them with Grumblegard, just as Finngard asks them to join them. The girl lets him to come as long as his mother allows him to, believing that she wouldn't agree to it. However, much to Dak's annoyance, Mrs. Borgomon lets her son go because the Odinyule Tree fell on his presents and destroyed them.

HH - More young dragons.jpg

On Hazard Island, Grumblegard refuses to look after the babies, especially since they make him cold. He eats a Fire Fruit to warm up, claiming he will never be able to keep his tail warm in the winter. Dak and Leyla persuade him to do it, so he finally agrees, as long as it is a temporary job. Dak and Leyla then introduce him to Finngard and leave as Grumblegard makes objections. Finngard the asks the Foreverhorn a lot of questions, which greatly annoy him. The boy then asks the dragon if he wants to hear an Odinyule carol and Grumblegard refuses. However, since he can't understand him, Finngard starts to sing, anyway, and is joined by the other hatchlings, creating an awful noise that irritates Grumblegard.

HH - I know I always say this.jpg

As the Rescue Riders start their search, they notice chunks of ice floating in the ocean. Following the trail, they find Elbone's boat completely stuck in ice. They ask him about what happened and the fisherman explains that he was attacked by a large ice-breathing dragon while he was returning from the Northern Markets with the Odinyule presents. Leyla theorizes that the mother of the three Chillblasters hatchlings did it, although she claims that the situation doesn't make sense. She and Dak agree to split up, so the takes Summer and Burple to find the dragon, while Dak stays behind with Winger, Aggro, and Cutter in order to free Elbone's boat.

HH - Doing that.jpg

While flying between some Sea Stacks, Summer and Burple barely avoid sudden guts of freezing wind. Leyla notices that they are coming from the top of one of the Sea Stacks. Landing there, they meet a male Chillblaster that recognizes them as the Rescue Riders after Leyla talks to him. He is happy to meet them and introduces himself as Chillbert. He tells them that, because he is sick, he sneezes ice blasts uncontrollably. He explains that he was travelling with his offspring to meet their relatives and celebrate Odinyule, but that he sneezed himself out of the sky and lost his kids. Leyla reveals that the Rescue Riders found his children and that they were safe on Hazard Island. She then offers Chillbert to take him to them.

HH - Lifting Chillbert into the air.jpg

Summer and Burple grab the Chillblaster and pull him into the air, but Chillbert's sneezing prevents him from taking off. Leyla suggests that he should bite his upper lip in order to stop the sneezing, but Chillbert sneezes again and falls off the sea stack. However, the Chillblaster soon sneezes again, encasing Burple in a block of ice and falling back onto the sea stack. Leyla breaks the ice with a rock, freeing Burple, who wishes to eat a Fire Fruit from Grumblegard. That gives Leyla the idea of giving Chillbert a Fire Fruit, hoping that it would cure his sickness. Chillbert is skeptical of the idea, but agrees to do it, as long as it cures him.

HH - Cutter having hit the ice.jpg

Meanwhile, Winger uses his megablast to free Elbone's boat from the ice, but the blast ricochets off the surface, doing no damage. He and Dak barely avoid the returning blast. Cutter then tries to make a hole by rotating his spikes very fast, but he barely scratches the ice. He claims that he won't try it again, much to Winger and Dak's disappointment. Aggro then tries to melt the ice with her heat, but the process proves to be working very slowly. Dak looks at the Fire Fury's little success and hopes that his sister is doing a better job than they are.

HH - Grumblegard smiling like the scultpure.jpg

At Hazard Island, Grumblegard is relieved to see the Rescue Riders arrive and asks them if they are going to relieve him of babysitting the Chillblasters. Leyla tells them that she'll take the hatchlings away, but that she also needs a Fire Fruit. Grumblegard lets her take one and asks where is her brother and the rest of her team. Leyla starts to explain how Dak is trying to free Elbone's boat out of ice, before the Foreverhorn cuts her off, claiming that he doesn't care. As the Rescue Riders prepare to leave, Finngard tells Grumblegard that he left him a present in his cave. The dragon looks inside and sees a snow dragon resembling him. He claims that the smile on it is inaccurate, before smiling himself at the sky.

HH - Chillbert and his kids.jpg

As night falls, the Rescue Riders return to the sea stack where Chillbert is stuck and reunite him with his children. He is happy to see them and reveals their names: Chillbill, Chilljill, and Hank. Leyla then tosses him the Fire Fruit and Chillbert catches it in the air. After a few seconds, the Chillblaster starts to feel better and thanks the Rescue Riders for help. He then takes of with the three hatchlings on his back, wishing the Rescue Riders a happy Odinyule. Leyla then reminds Finngard that they have to head back to Huttsgalor and hopes that the rest of the team was able to free Elbone's boat.

HH - Dak saying Leyla.jpg

Meanwhile, the Rescue Riders and Elbone attempt to dig out the boat, but their progress is too slow. As Leyla, Finngard, Summer and Burple arrive, Dak asks them if they found the Chillblaster mother, but Leyla says that they will talk about it later. She claims that they need to return to Huttsgalor with the presents, but Winger tells her that even if they could free the boat, they wouldn't arrive in time. Leyla then thinks of an idea and asks Elbone if he has any rope, much to the fisherman's confusion. Dak and Leyla then tie the rope to the dragons and the boat, in hope that they would pull it out of the ice.

HH - Flying with a full moon.jpg

The dragons take off and pull the boat as much as they can, but they only manage to move it a little. Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind pushes the boat into the air, which turns out to be Grumblegard. He wishes the Rescue Riders a happy Odinyule and creates a stronger current to give them a boost. Leyla notices that the wind is blowing in the opposite direction, so she looks overboard and sees the old dragon helping her and her friends. Elbone is excited to see his house boat lifted by dragons, but he claims to be scared at the same time. Dak reassures him, saying that the are close to Huttsgalor, but when he looks overboard, he can't see anything because of the thick mist. Summer asks Aggro for help, and the Fire Fury lights up, taking the lead.

HH - Giving day.jpg

In the morning, back in Huttsgalor, Duggard waits in the front of the Odinyule Tree, starting to lose hope that Elbone will arrive on time. He assures the villagers that the celebration is not cancelled, just when a man points out Elbone's boat in the sky. The dragons crash the boat in the middle of the town barely avoiding the tree. The Rescue Riders start giving out the presents, but Fingard is still sad that he didn't receive a dragon for Odinyule. Just then, Grumblegard arrives in Huttsgalor, much to Fingard's happiness. The Foreverhorn prepares to leave, but Leyla insists that he receives his present first, a sock for his tail. The old dragon decides to stay in Huttsgalor for the celebration, and Leyla hugs him. The townspeople start singing carols, as Duggard thanks the Dak and Leyla for saving the event, before joining in.


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  • In October 2018, Brennley Brown posted a script to her Instagram Stories, revealing the episode title "Snoggletog - Part 2", which ended up being a working title, and tagged "DreamWorks" on the story.
  • The Chillblaster makes its debut.
  • This is the last Rescue Riders and Dragons production to stream on Netflix. From the third season of Rescue Riders onwards, future entries in the Dragons franchise now stream on Peacock.



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