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Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday is a Dragons: Rescue Riders holiday special that was released on Netflix on November 24, 2020.[1]


Snowfall marks the start of Odinyule — the Viking holiday of giving! But crazy weather might cancel the tradition unless the Rescue Riders can swoop in.
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One morning, inside the sleeping cave at The Roost, Summer is the first dragon to wake up. She rushes outside, hoping for a sunny day, only to scream in surprise when she notices that snow has fallen overnight. The other dragons wake up from her scream and rush out side thinking they are in danger, but they quickly calm down after seeing all the snow. They then start playing in the snow, until Dak and Leyla surprise them with a snowball fight. Burple loads up his bellies with snow and starts shooting in every direction. To protect Leyla, Summer shoots a water blast, which instantly freezes, much to her surprise. Then, Aggro accidentally melts a snow dragon Winger had built, and the two girls agree that they're not made for cold weather.

Just then, a bell rings from the town of Huttsgalor, and the Rescue Riders decide to investigate. When the arrive, Duggard the Decisive announces in front of the townspeople the beginning of Odinyule, an annual celebration. Dak and Leyla ask the chief about Odinyule, so he explains all the traditions that come with the holiday, including Odinnog, a drink made by Elbone. After tasting it, Duggard claims that the taste is awful and asks Elbone to try the recipe again. The Rescue Riders then see Magnus Finke arriving in town and wish him a happy Odinyule. However, the man scoffs at them and tells them that he only came to test his latest invention, an Automatic Woolen Sock Knitter.

He explains that the machine knits socks very fast and that each individual costs two gold coins. Duggard buys a pair, but the machine creates enormous socks. While Magnus tries to fix it, the machine gets out of control and starts shooting socks in every direction, destroying some of the decorations. Dak and Winger then stop it and protect the village from it, much to Magnus' anger. The man then reminds Duggard that Odinyule is a Viking holiday and leaves the town. Duggard disagrees and invites the Rescue Riders to decorate the town, happy to call them his family.


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  • In October 2018, Brennley Brown posted a script to her Instagram Stories, revealing the episode title "Snoggletog - Part 2", which ended up being a working title, and tagged "DreamWorks" on the story.



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