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Leyla: "If pirates really are looking for the golden egg..."
Dak: "The baby dragon inside is in big trouble."
Leyla: "Then it looks like we better head back to the Roost and gear up for treasure hunt."

Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon is a Dragons: Rescue Riders special that was released on Netflix on March 27, 2020.


It's the treasure hunt of a lifetime for the Rescue Riders, who must race to find a precious golden dragon egg and keep it safe from evil pirates.


HFTGD - Get this to the Rescue Riders.jpg

Late at night, a pirate ship is stationary in the middle of the ocean. Aboard, two guards complain about the cold weather, but they are suddenly knocked out by Waldondo del Mundo. He then infiltrates the ship and steals a map. However, just as he is about to leave, he is noticed by a few more guard. He manages to knock out everyone on the deck and then escapes with the map on a tiny boat. He unfolds the map to analyse it and decides to take it to the Rescue Riders.

HFTGD - Leyla headed towards Waldondo.jpg

The next morning, the Rescue Riders wake up to find Burple was already outside. He showed them a game called "Find the Northern Lobster", which consisted of hiding a lobster under a bucket and switching it around with other empty buckets. Leyla asks Burple where he learnt the game. The Rocksplitter points to Waldondo, who was watching the Rescue Riders from above. The group immediately attacks him, as a payback for their last encounter, but Waldondo manages to dodge all their blasts. He apologies for his attempt to capture them, and tells them that he came for a good reason. The Rescue Riders don't believe him so they trap him in a barrel and take him to Marena.

HFTGD - Hid the directions in these riddles.jpg

The old lady is waiting for them atop of a tree and as soon as they notice her, she gets down. She greets Waldondo and even hugs him, much to the Rescue Riders' bewilderment. Marena tells them that they must always be willing to forgive, but that they should never forget. Waldondo then reveals that he has come so that he could hand a map to the Rescue Riders, a map that leads to the legendary Golden Dragon. He explains that many pirates, including Erik the Wretched, seek the dragon's egg for its shell made of gold and asks the Rescue Riders to protect it. They accept and take off, leaving Waldondo and Marena staring at them.

HFTGD - Welcome to my ship Rescue Riders.jpg

In the air, the Rescue Riders study the map and conclude that they must head to an unnamed island. Upon arriving there, they discover that Erik the Wretched has already reached the island with a crew of his own. The pirates attack them, but Erik orders them to stop, as he wants to make a deal with them. Dak and Leyla go to speak with him, so he asks them for help in finding the Golden Dragon. The twins refuse, so he orders his crew to trap the dragons. The pirates then head to the island, where they read the first clue on the map and misinterpret it.

HFTGD - Erik realizing what is on the walls.jpg

The Rescue Riders free themselves from the nets and try to decipher the riddle as well. Summer and Cutter have different opinions about which of the four caves they should pick so the group splits up. Leyla and Burple go with Summer, while Dak, Winger and Aggro follow Cutter. Leyla writes the next clues in her diary, so that Dak can take the map. As everyone enters the caves, Svetlana the Sly's ship arrives at the island. Meanwhile, Erik the Wretched's crew go deeper into the cave, and encounter a wild Tangle Vine plant, which attacks them. Fortunately, Erik manages to use his hammer in order to free his crew.

HFTGD - I think is obvious.jpg

As Leyla, Summer, and Burple enter the cave they chose, the Fastfin grows confident of her choice, believing that she picked the right cave. Just then, the dragons step on a rope that actives dozens of underground geysers, which all burst at the same time. Summer and Burple fly deeper into the cave, dodging the boiling water coming out o the ground. Summer still believes that she picked the right cave, considering the geysers a minor setback.

HFTGD - The bugs diverted.jpg

In the other cave, Dak, Winger, Cutter, and Aggro encounter no traps, which leads Cutter to believe that he picked the right cave. They reach a bifurcation, so they solve the next clue in order to choose the right path. They are taken by surprise by hundreds of bugs that emerge from deeper inside the cave. Dak reads the next clue on the map and Cutter realises that the bugs are attracted to light. He then asks Aggro to light up, which makes the beetles go after her. Cutter then makes Dak throw away his lantern, which attracts the bugs on the other side of the cave. The four go on their way, bypassing the beetles.

HFTGD - Having flown back up.jpg

Meanwhile, Summer and Burple continue to dodge geysers and finally get out of the dangerous zone. They stop for a minute to catch their breath and continue their journey. Summer refuses to think that she picked the wrong cave, believing that the other group is facing much greater threats. The two dragons then fall into a pit, but they use their wings to break the fall and return to the top. Summer admits that she was wrong and the three decide to return and find the others.

HFTGD - Svetlana saying because.jpg

In the opposite cave, Dak, Winger, Cutter, and Aggro reach a dead-end. They reunite with their friends and Summer notices a hidden door on the stone wall. Reading the net clue, they try to figure what the key of the door is. They manage to open it without actually using a key, much to their surprise. Just then, they are intercepted by Svetlana the Sly, who uses a Belzium magnet to trap the Rescue Riders. She introduces herself to them and explains them her entire plan. She then takes one of her crew members, Yorgi, and goes through the door, only to find an empty room. Infuriated, she returns to her ship with her allies, leaving the Rescue Riders alone.

HFTGD - So that is where.jpg

Burple frees his friends, by spewing a small rock that detaches their saddles, which were keeping them attracted to the magnet. The Rescue Riders then try again to figure out the meaning of the clue. They discover that the hole made in the map fits perfectly over a rock in the stone wall, so they press it. A part of the cave collapses, revealing the view to another island, the true location of the Golden Dragon. Just then, Waldondo appears behind them, congratulating them for finding the location of the dragon. He steals the map from them and uses the magnet to make the cave collapse, trapping the Rescue Riders inside.

HFTGD - The Rescue Riders celebrating.jpg

They are shocked by the betrayal, but don't give up. The dragons start to blast the fallen boulders, but they are unable to break them or create a path. Cutter then comes with the idea of blasting the small opening, as the have more chances to enlarge it than break the boulders. All dragons fire at once at the wall, creating a large exit. They all fly out of there and head towards the Golden Dragon Island. Leyla asks Cutter to lead the team, but he is reluctant to accept. He is ultimately convinced by Burple, who tells him that by being a leader, Cutter can boss others around.

HFTGD - Fighting between the pirate ships.jpg

The Rescue Riders reach the three pirates, who are all heading towards the Golden Dragon's island. They are attacked by Erik and Waldondo, who order their crews to fire at them. Aggro and Cutter easily avoid the projectiles, but Burple gets caught in a bola. He is rescued by Dak and Winger right before crashing into the sea. Svetlana the starts firing Dragon Pepper dust at the dragons, making them sneeze continuously. The Rescue Riders regroup and form a plan of attack. Cutter and Aggro tricked Erik and Svetlana into firing at each other, while Summer, Winger, and Burple redirect Waldondo's ship towards the middle of the attack. Meanwhile, Leyla manages to retrieve the map from Waldondo and the Rescue Riders head towards the island.

HFTGD - Hugs shouldn't hurt.jpg

Upon landing, Leyla reads the next clue, which involves finding a 'beast'. Burple notices a herd of sheep nearby and believes they are the beast from the map. The sheep see the dragons and immediately attack them, much to their surprise. Leyla accidentally drops the map, which is quickly blown off by the wind. Winger flies after it and Dak jumps off his back, in pursuit. The map lands at the edge of a cliff, where a sheep notices it too. It goes after it in an attempt to eat it, but Dak runs faster and grabs the map from under the sheep's nose. He jumps off the cliff, where he is caught by Winger and the Rescue Riders fly to a different side of the island.

HFTGD - I knew it.jpg

There, they encounter a pack of wolves, so they get back into the air. Cutter, however, remains on the ground, waiting for the wolves to reach him. They lick the dragon instead of attacking him, which makes the Rescue Riders lose the fear of wolves. The packs signals them to be followed, and the guide the Riders towards the middle of the island. Meanwhile, the three pirates stop their attacks and try to reach an agreement. They fight over the remaining treasure map, but Waldondo decides to drop it into the sea. He convinces Erik and Svetlana to work together in order to have a chance against the Rescue Riders.

HFTGD - Unsure of what this place is.jpg

On the island, the wolves take the team to the entrance to a cave, before leaving them. Upon entering, the Rescue Riders discover a door with drawings of dragons and dragon classes symbols. Reading the next clue, they realise that they must match the symbols by pressing the tiles. The first dragon is a Monstrous Nightmare, which Leyla identifies as a Stoker Class dragon. After pressing the tiles, the door slid open just a little. The next dragon is a Gronckle, which Burple mistakes for a Strike Class dragon. The walls begin to close on the Rescue Riders and the tiles slide back. Leyla then places the Gronckle in the Boulder Class, which makes the door open more.

HFTGD - A night Furt symobl.jpg

The following dragon is a Hideous Zippleback, which Leyla correctly places in the Mystery Class, making the door open enough for light to shine through. The subsequent dragon is a Deadly Nadder, which Leyla thinks is a Sharp Class dragon, before remembering that it is actually part of the Tracker Class. Dak has already pressed the wrong tiles, making the walls close on the even more. Pushing the right tiles, the door slides open even more. The last dragon is a Night Fury, a dragon that Leyla didn't know about. She guesses that it is a Strike Class and presses the tiles, making the door slide almost open. The cave begins to collapse, but fortunately, Cutter hits a Golden Dragon tile right above the door, which makes it open completely.

HFTGD - The nest with the golden egg in the middle of the lair.jpg

Inside the chamber lays a Golden Dragon egg in its nest. The Rescue Riders are amazed by the discovery and approach the egg. Just then, a Golden Dragon comes through the hole in the ceiling, threatening them. Leyla explains that they have come to help, much to the dragon's surprise. She gets down from the ceiling and confronts the Rescue Riders, claiming that she can take care of her egg. She shows them her glitter attack, challenging them to create a more powerful attack. The dragons accept it and combine their blasts to create a big explosion. The dragon is impressed and accepts their help. She introduces herself as Gemma and asks them what danger was for her egg.

HFTGD - Looking at the ships from the opening.jpg

They tell her about the pirates seeking the egg for its gold, and Gemma claims that she has seen ships in the surrounding waters. The Rescue Riders look outside only to see the pirate ships circling the island. They realise that the pirates have teamed up and formed a plan to get rid of them. Returning to the cave, they made three fake eggs out of stone and covered them in Gemma's glitter, making them look like the real egg. The Rescue Riders split into three groups, and each one took a fake egg and flew outside.

HFTGD - Flying above Waldondo's ship with a fake egg.jpg

The Rescue Riders take flight and head towards the pirate ships. Dak and Winger fly near Erik's ship, luring him away from the island. Leyla, Summer, and Aggro made Svetlana follow them in a different direction, while Cutter and Burple lured Waldondo the other way. Erik ordered his men to fire at Winger, which caused the dragon to drop the egg. It smashes against a sea stack, which reveals to the pirates that it is fake. Svetlana pursues Summer and Aggro towards eels, which makes them drop their egg, again revealing it is fake. All the pirates the follow Burple, and Waldondo even manages to catch him.

HFTGD - I never should have gone with.jpg

Suddenly, Yorgi jumps from Svetlana's ship and frees Burple. He throws away the disguise, revealing himself to actually be Marena. She duels Waldondo while the other pirates follow the egg. Burple accidentally drops the egg into the ocean, so Summer dives after it, but fails to catch it. The pirates are devastated to hear the news and blame Waldondo for their failure. He, who has made peace with Marena, traps Svetlana in a net and engages in a duel with Erik, allowing his friend to escape with the Rescue Riders. Marena jumps on Burple and asks Dak where the real golden egg is hidden.

HFTGD - How do you think we get our Golden blast.jpg

The Rescue Riders return to Gemma's nest, where they explain their plan to Marena. The Golden Dragon thanks them for their help in protecting her egg. Just then, the egg hatches and the Rescue Riders admire the newly hatched dragon. The baby starts chewing its eggshell, much to Aggro's disgust. Leyla asks Gemma why it is doing it, to which she explains that all Golden Dragons eat their eggs after hatching in order to gain their glitter blasts. To demonstrate, she and the baby spew two long streams of glitter that scatter all over the place.


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  • The Rescue Riders meet Svetlana the Sly and Erik the Wretched for the first time.
  • The team manages to find the island of the Golden Dragon and save the baby dragon from the pirates.


  • There is a short opening scene prior to the Opening Theme song playing. This is the first time in the Dragons: Rescue Riders series, and the franchise as a whole that there is a short opening scene prior to the opening theme song.


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