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Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 5 is the fifth season of Dragons: Rescue Riders, and was released on May 19, 2022 on Peacock.

Official Description

Dak, Leyla and the Rescue Riders are back with new adventures as they venture to the Sunken City of Valantis in a race to claim the Alpha Crystals before Magnus! They’ll help an aquatic dragon escape his underwater bullies, find a guardian dragon to protect Cutter and even help some new dragon friends start their own rescue team just in time to celebrate Nest Day with all of Huttsgalor! [src]


No. Image Title Airdate
01 TIFA-251-Laburn, Cinda, Whiffy, Sparkle, Zeppla.jpg "The Inflato-Force Awakens" May 19, 2022
When Zeppla and Sparkle return to Huttsgalor as "The Inflato-Force-2," the Rescue Riders offer to help them fill out the rest of their team; Zeppla's mom shows up and insists on trying out.
02 RTSC-380-Leyla, Dak, Bobbley, Bubbley, Magnus.jpg "Return to the Sunken City" May 19, 2022
The Rescue Riders return to the Sunken City of Valantis in a race to stop Magnus Finke from finding the legendary Alpha Crystals that have the power to control dragons.
03 MD-419-Cutter, Talon.jpg "My Dragonguard" May 19, 2022
After Cutter saves the life of a Chaperang dragon, he finds himself a personal bodyguard who won't leave his side; at first, Cutter loves getting to boss him around, but soon the serious-minded Chaperang starts to ruin all his fun.
04 GTV-428-Leyla, Aggro, Oscar.jpg "Gludge-Tastic Voyage" May 19, 2022
When a giant sea dragon named Gludge accidentally swallows a Boomback egg, Leyla and Aggro must go into his seven stomachs to save it.
05 DOW-90-Leyla, Dak, Splish.jpg "Dragon Out of Water" May 19, 2022
When a young, bullied Shocktail dragon meets the Rescue Riders, he decides he wants to live on land with them -- even though Shocktails are aquatic dragons that can't breathe out of the water.
06 No Screenshot.png "Nest Day" May 19, 2022
As the Riders get ready to celebrate "Nest Day," a tradition from their days in the wild, a mysterious dragon appears and takes their nests, but it won't talk to the Riders or tell them why.

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