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Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 3 is the third season of Dragons: Rescue Riders, and it premiered on Peacock. The first six episodes of this season were released November 24th. The last six episodes of this season are set to be released February 3, 2022.

Official Description

In a faraway corner of the viking and dragon world, DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky is the next chapter following the adventures of viking twins Dak and Leyla, who were rescued and raised by dragons, growing up learning to speak their language. Along with young dragons Winger, Summer, Cutter and Burple, they defend and protect other dragons on exciting adventures around their home of Huttsgalor. [src]


No. Image Title Airdate
01 CL - Would like to see that.jpg "Chiefless" November 24, 2021
When Chief Ingrid of the neighboring island Guttsgalor shows up looking for the ceremonial goblet, the Rescue Riders must find where Duggard hid it before a battle breaks out between the two islands.
02 CCL - Back at the blue crystals.jpg "Crystal Clear" November 24, 2021
After Elbone goes missing, the Rescue Riders find his boat near an island covered with unusual crystals; when they search for him inside a cave, they realize these crystals have a unique effect on the dragons' power.
03 HIMYS - We did it together.jpg "How I Met Your Summer" November 24, 2021
The gang is stuck inside during a blizzard; Leyla tells the story of how she met Summer.
04 Rescue Riders following Snoop promo.jpg "Snooping Around" November 24, 2021
When Snoop, one of the villainous Slinkwing dragons, loses two of Vizza's Slinkwing babies, he turns to the Rescue Riders for help.
05 Albone and Elbone Promo.jpg "Oh, Brother" November 24, 2021
Elbone's older brother Albone pays a visit to Huttsgalor; Chief Duggard lets Elbone be chief for the day; the Rescue Riders must race to clean up messes before Elbone is embarrassed in front of his brother.
06 SFTSC - We are not in Huttsgalor anymore.jpg "Search for the Sunken City" November 24, 2021
The Riders set out to find the sunken city of Valantis -- an ancient Viking hub where dragons and humans coexisted -- but when they find it, they realize they aren't alone.
07 No Screenshot.png "Teamwork is Magic" February 3, 2022
The Rescue Riders meet a super friendly young dragon with a unicorn horn and rainbow powers, but she might not be as sweet as she seems.
08 No Screenshot.png "The Incredible Burple" February 3, 2022
Burple finds a crystal that makes him the strongest of all the Rescue Riders; when Axel Finke reports that he saw a dragon crash into the side of a volcano, "The Incredible Burple" is put in charge of the rescue mission.
09 No Screenshot.png "Flight of the Stinkwing" February 3, 2022
After a terrible odor blows into Huttsgalor, the Riders fly off to investigate and meet a young Stinkwing; the gang works to find a way to help the Stinkwing improve his smell.
10 No Screenshot.png "The Big Sheep" February 3, 2022
When Haggis goes missing during the annual All Islands Viking Sheep Festival, the Riders must solve the mystery of what's happened to him to prevent conflict from breaking out between the islands.
11 No Screenshot.png "Rescue Racers" February 3, 2022
When items begin disappearing from Huttsgalor, the Riders investigate and cross paths with a pack of fast-flying Zoomerangs; to get back Huttsgalor's stuff, Winger agrees to race the lead Zoomerang around her dangerous island.
12 No Screenshot.png "Day Without Dragons" February 3, 2022
When Dak and Leyla challenge each other to get through one day without their dragons, all of the dragons head off to have a day by themselves.

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