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Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1 is the first season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on September 27, 2019.


"Twins Dak and Leyla and their dragon friends devote their lives to rescuing others, defending their home of Huttsgalor and having fun along the way."[1]


No. Image Title Airdate
01 [[File:|250px]] "The Nest" September 27, 2019
When the Rescue Riders save Viking chief Duggard, they’re invited to visit his village of Huttsgalor, where they must prove they're kind and helpful. (Netflix)
02 [[File:|250px]] "Deep Trouble" September 27, 2019
Dak's lack of planning gets him, Cutter and Winger lost with Elbone in the Maze Caves, and Leyla's overthinking threatens the effort to rescue them. (Netflix)
03 [[File:|250px]] "Boo to You" September 27, 2019
Burple gets spooked by the legend of a ghost called the Phantom Fang. But when he senses the story is real, he can't get his friends to believe him. (Netflix)
04 [[File:|250px]] "Where There's Smoke" September 27, 2019
After Magnus accuses Cutter of setting fires near the village that could hurt the sheep, the riders have to put them out and find the real culprit. (Netflix)
05 [[File:|250px]] "Heavy Metal" September 27, 2019
The Rescue Riders get stuck in a cave with their rival, Magnus, during a race to find a new source for an important material.
06 [[File:|250px]] "Iced Out" September 27, 2019
Frustrated that she's not fitting in with the team, Aggro goes off on her own with Elbone on a mission to save a dragon egg trapped in ice. (Netflix)
07 [[File:|250px]] "Sick Day" September 27, 2019
When the other dragons come down with the flu, Summer must overcome her fear of eels to retrieve the cure and get her friends back in the air. (Netflix)
08 [[File:|250px]] "Bad Egg" September 27, 2019
Magus hatches a plan to hide in an egg to spy on the Rescue Riders. But things get all scrambled when a mama dragon takes him to her nest. (Netflix)
09 [[File:|250px]] "Home Alone" September 27, 2019
Aggro, Burple and Cutter are left alone in the roost to care for some dragon eggs, but a trio of tricky Slinkwings want those eggs for themselves. (Netflix)
10 [[File:|250px]] "Slobber Power" September 27, 2019
Cutter gets a chance to be a "mom" when a newly hatched dragon bonds with him, and they'll both be needed to get the others out of a tangled mess. (Netflix)
11 [[File:|250px]] "Crash Course (Rescue Riders)" September 27, 2019
Burple and Winger each injure a wing while they're with Dak, and only teamwork can get them home. At the roost, Cutter gets stuck in a puddle of goo. (Netflix)
12 [[File:|250px]] "Furious Fun" September 27, 2019
The Rescue Riders have a "Dragon Day" to show their skills to a young fan, but Aggro skips it to hang out with her new fun -- but reckless -- friends. (Netflix)
13 [[File:|250px]] "Grumblegard, Part 1" September 27, 2019
While the others care for baby dragons at the roost, Dak, Winger, Burple and Aggro come face-to-face with a grumpy old dragon on a dangerous island. (Netflix)
14 [[File:|250px]] "Grumblegard, Part 2" September 27, 2019
The Rescue Riders plan to team up with the Slinkwings when an angry Grumblegard threatens Huttsgalor. But their old enemies may be up to new tricks. (Netflix)

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Who hasn't heard stories of their kind attacking towns, stealing their sheep, devouring all their food? [src]
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