The Dragonroot Company is a large business operation appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.


The Dragonroot Company was founded shortly after the Dragon Hunter War by leftover Dragon Hunters. Shortly after its formation, the vengeance-driven Maeve joined the tribe and slowly, but steadily worked her way up to the leader's position. She sought to move into the void left after the break up of the Dragon Hunters as a lucrative business opportunity trading in Dragons. Many of the displaced Dragon Hunters and Dragon Flyers, as well as other individuals out of a job joined Maeve in her endeavors, thus finding a use for their talents and employment. However, the Dragon Riders were still a threat to the dragon trade, so Maeve liberally used dragon root to enrage various Alpha dragons and countless other dragons as a tool of distraction. While the Dragon Riders were busy quelling the crazed dragons, she expanded the Dragonroot Company across the Archipelago.



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