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Dragonpedia is a section of the official How to Train Your Dragon Website. It contains statistics and descriptions of various dragon species in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.

Asterisk-Transparent.png As of July 2019, the How to Train Your Dragon Official Website and its contents have been moved and re-organized. Though some dragon characters and their species are listed on the new website, the Dragonpedia has been removed. As of September 2019, there a new version of this site still in progress on the site.


The Dragonpedia lists many dragon species from all three films, as well as the TV series Dragons: Riders of Berk, Dragons: Defenders of Berk, and Dragons: Race to the Edge. It was not all inclusive, however, to all species appearing in the Franchise. For each species, a stat table was given with values for "Attack", "Speed", "Armor", "Firepower", "Shot Limit", "Venom", "Jaw Strength", and "Stealth". Additionally, an image of a Viking and the dragon was given for size comparision. A brief "About" section gave further information about the species, flanked with a statement about the dragon's fire type.

Species Appearing in the Dragonpedia

The Dragonpedia contains several dragons from the franchise, from the first film, to the TV series, to the second film. Some dragons, like Hookfang and Toothless, represent their species at the Dragonpedia. The dragons are organized by Class.

Strike Class

Tracker Class

Sharp Class

Boulder Class

Tidal Class

Mystery Class

Stoker Class



  • On the size comparison pictures, many of the dragons are either too large or too small compared to their size shown in other media.

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