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This is the page for the book language. You may be looking for the franchise language.

Dragonese is punctuated by shrill shrieks and popping noises and sounds MOST extraordinary when spoken by a human.
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Dragonese is the language that the dragons speak in the books. Hiccup tries to train Toothless by speaking to him in Dragonese, but it doesn't really work any better than yelling at him.


No Viking has ever even tried to speak Dragonese except for Hiccup the First, Hiccup the Second, and Hiccup the Third, as well as, though later, Alvin the Treacherous. The Druid Guardian and the Northern Wanderers, however, can speak Dragonese.

As with other languages, Dragonese can have various dialects. One such mentioned in the Books several times is an Ancient form of it spoken by dragons who have been isolated for a long time. The first dragon mentioned as speaking with an ancient dialect was the Monstrous Strangulator that Grimbeard the Ghastly left trapped and isolated to guard his treasure for at least 100 years.

In the main series book How to Speak Dragonese, Hiccup makes a notebook titled How to Speak Dragonese. It is stolen by Alvin, who uses it to subjugate Dragonkind.

Basic Words

  • Howdeedoodeethere - Hello
  • Mama - Mother
  • Pappa - Father
  • Nee-ah - No
  • Yessee - Yes
  • Miaowla/Miaw miaw - Cat
  • Na - Don't
  • Yum-yum - Bite
  • Di - The

More Vocabulary

  • Pishyou - Please
  • Thankee - Thank you
  • Munch-Munch - Eat
  • Cack-Cack - Poo
  • Botti Bum - Bottom
  • No like it - I don't like it
  • Me like it - I do like it
  • Gobba - Spit
  • Botty-crackers/Buttok-thunders/Smelly-breezers - Farts
  • Chuck-it-up - To be sick
  • Yum-yum on di bum - To bite someone on the bottom
  • Yum-yum on di tum - To bite someone on the stomach
  • Yum-yum on di thumb - To bite someone on the finger
  • Dim-woof - Dog
  • Squeaky-snack - Mouse
  • Pestistings - Nanodragons
  • Randifloss - Rabbits
  • Scrumlush - Delicious
  • Doubly yuck-yuck - Disgusting
  • Sleepy-Slab - Bed
  • Do di chuckli ha-has - To laugh
  • Piss-people - Enemy
  • Do di wobbly screamers - To throw a tantrum
  • Do di screemi beserkers/Do di heebi jeebys - To lose your temper
  • Swappa da yucki - To kiss
  • 'es alright reely - To love
  • Da wingless - Humans
  • Snotting-gum - Boogers
  • Ow-lika-dentipull - Agony
  • Farin okey? - How do you do?
  • Warm Woofs - Hot dogs/sausages
  • Me likee - I like you
  • Di out abba-me? - Go out with me
  • Do di onga - To play
  • Chocklush - chocolate
  • Greenclaw crapspot - Dragon toilets
  • Snik-Snak - Biscuit
  • Bang Splosh - Bang splat
  • Middling - Middle
  • BigManGaff - Valhalla
  • Do di girly boo-hoo - to cry
  • Stink-fish - haddock
  • Jim-jams - Pyjamas
  • Floorsheet - carpet

Some Basic Phrases

  • Nee-ah crappa inna di hoosus, pishyou. - No pooping inside the house please.
  • Mi Mama no likeit yum-yum on di bum. - My Mother does not like to be bitten on the bottom.
  • Pishyou keendlee gobba oot mi freeundlee? - Please would you be so kind as to spit my friend out?
  • Doit a wummortime. - Let's try that again.
  • PARKA DI BOTTY, forsakes di Woden, or me do di girly boo-hoo. - SIT, for Woden's sake, before I burst into tears.
  • Mi wobblediguts bigtime. - I am very poisonous.
  • Pishyou na munch-munch di miaow-miaow. - Please do not eat the cat.




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