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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

The Dragon War refers to the conflict between the dragons and the vikings of Berk. The conflict took place in How to Train Your Dragon.


It is unknown how the conflict between dragons and humans began, but it is possible that 300 years before the events of the first film, a Viking possibly, Bork the Bold accidentally started the war with the dragons. ("Book of Dragons (Short)")

During this time, there was a gathering of viking chieftains on Berk to discuss the war with the dragons. It was during this gathering that a man, Drago Bludvist, stepped forth. Bludvist claimed he could control the dragons and end the war if the chiefs bowed down and followed. Stoick and the other chiefs laughed at this until Bludvist left. The chiefs then came under attack by armored dragons that burned the hall to the ground. Only Stoick survived the attack.(How to Train Your Dragon 2)

During this time, Stoick's wife, Valka, tried to urge both Stoick and their tribe to end the war with the dragons to no avail. When dragons launched another raid, Valka then rushed into their home to protect her newborn son, Hiccup, from a dragon. However, seeing no malice in the dragon, she could not kill the dragon. Stoick then rushed into to protect both Valka and his son. Unfortunately, Valka was then taken by the dragon and many believed she had eaten and killed by the dragons.(How to Train Your Dragon 2) Stoick then searched for her for days but was forced to give it up.("Imperfect Harmony")

List of Events

The Last Raid 

15 years later, Stoick and the rest of the tribe continued to fight the dragons. During this raid, the dragons took a substantial amount of Berk’s farm animals back to their island.("How to Train Your Dragon")

The first search for Dragon Island

The Incident at the kill ring

The second search for Dragon Island

The Battle of the Red Death

You don't have to go up there."
"We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard.
  — Stoick & Hiccup during the battle  


In How to Train Your Dragon, following the victory over the Red Death, Stoick allowed the dragons to move in with them on Berk. During this time, Hiccup received a metal leg from Gobber. With Toothless at his side, Hiccup and the other teens rode their dragons. In "How to Start a Dragon Academy, they started the Dragon Training Academy to train both riders and dragons. News of Hiccup's victory reached the other tribes such as the Outcasts ("Alvin and the Outcasts") and the Berserkers.("Twinsanity")


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