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If you have any dragon-related problems, contact us. Just cup a hand on either side of your mouth and at the top of your lungs yell... D.U.M.B. [src]

The Dragon United Monitoring Brigade, also known as D.U.M.B, was a group that patrolled Berk during the night in order to intercept any possible Dragon-Viking conflicts.


It's where we patrol... at night. To keep an eye on the Dragons. Make sure they don't get blamed for anything else. [src]
  — Hiccup  

Hiccup forms D.U.M.B after Barf and Belch appear to have stolen all of the villager's boots on Boot Night and destroyed them.

The Dragon Riders are the only patrollers, and make sashes for themselves with "DUMB" on it. Only Snotlout and Astrid wear the sashes. The Twins take the opportunity to not patrol and instead joke around, while Fishlegs quickly gets scared away. Snotlout looses track of Hookfang and is blamed for the vandalism of the Great Hall the very same night.

D.U.M.B is presumably dissolved after Stoick banishes the dragons to Dragon Island due to excessive property damage that appears to have been caused by the dragons.


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