Dragon Tooth Mountain is a location seen in the Nintendo DS version of the game, How to train Your Dragon, and is located on the Isle of Berk.


Dragon Tooth Mountain is a high mountain on Berk. It is covered in snow and presumably evergreen trees, as the player at one point must collect wood for a fire for an old woman in need. Incidentally, this "old woman" is Gothi. It is high enough to have thinning air, as the player's character (Astrid or Hiccup) is concerned about it and tiring their dragons. Fishlegs also built an obstacle course for Dragon Training on this mountain. There appear to be some Viking-made structures as well, reminiscent of a stonehenge.



How to Train Your Dragon (game)

Several locations on Berk (as well as characters) are seen in the Nintendo DS game version. Chief Stoick instructs the tournament contenders to retrieve a bell placed at the top of the mountain. The teenagers of the village fight over obtaining bells, but in actuality, the test is to see if the contenders help out the people that need help and place the needs of others over their own. Astrid or Hiccup help some people, fight wild dragons, and fight with other village teenagers on this mountain.


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