The Dragon Tactics Dummies are training dummies that are used during the battle simulation known as Dragon Tactics in School of Dragons. The dummies come in two varieties, Target Dummies and Ranged Dummies


After being attacked by a Triple Stryke infected with Grimora venom on Dragon's Edge, Astrid devised the simulation known as Dragon Tactics in an effort to prepare the player and their allies for fighting these berserk dragons. Both varieties of Dragon Tactics dummy were built for use as opponents in the simulation. After receiving the assistance of Gobber the Belch and a Helpful Shivertooth in procuring a weapon, the player participated in their first Dragon Tactics challenge with the assistance of their dragon, Astrid, and Stormfly. After defeating the legion of training dummies attacking them, the group were able to successfully win the simulation.

These dummies later appear as the opponents in most Dragon Tactics levels, aside from those that utilize different opponents for the sake of the story of an expansion.


These training dummies are utilized during the battle simulation known as Dragon Tactics. The two varieties of dummy have different battle strategies. The Target Dummy is only able to attack from close range and uses poison-based attacks, while the Ranged Dummy is able to attack from a somewhat greater range and uses ice-based attacks.

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