Dragon Sheep are those which wear costumes to appear like dragons. These were formerly known as Armored Sheep in Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Only the most courageous ewes will survive the early trials unscathed. Only the most intrepid rams will climb above the woolen clouds of the common herd un-singed. Only the most valorous ovian elite will win the dragon armor that allows them to be counted among the legendary livestock of Berk. Each lamb, nuzzled among the cozy folds of their mother's fleece, dreams of attaining these glories as they grow into maturity, but only the very finest are chosen.
The chilvalrous sheep who win the armor are the ambitious Dragon's best friend, helping them through difficult trials that hone their skills to the very pinnacle of combat proficiency.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  


Dragon Overpopulation

Due to the Dragon Riders bringing more and more rescued dragons to Berk, along with the threat of Grimmel the Grisly, the Berkians decided to move to the Hidden World. They packed most of their belongings in ships carried by dragons, along with the livestock, which included the Dragon Sheep. During the flight, one of the sheep pretended to be a dragon by attempting to roar and standing over the edge of the boat. A Monstrous Nightmare flying nearby glanced at the sheep, which quickly retreated among the rest of the animals. The Dragon Sheep settled on New Berk, along with the Berkian tribe.

Curse of the Hobgobbler

On New Berk, the Twins concoct ways to prank Gobber. Playing on his superstitions regarding Hobgobblers, they attract some to the island and then dress up the resident sheep in costumes to mimic even more Hobgobblers. As often happens with the Twins' pranks, the Hobgobbler population gets out of control.

Dragon Training

According to Dragons: Titan Uprising, only the best sheep for training receive a dragon costume, and serve almost as friends and coaches to dragons in training.

Physical Appearance

Dragon Sheep are the standard woolly white sheep of Berk with gray faces and legs. Additionally, they wear costumes to look like dragons so that they can move amongst them unharmed. Costumes appear to be leather-based, with a full mask with black 'horns', a patched leather cap covering most of their upper bodies, a row of 'spines', and two 'wings'. The costume can be various solid colors including, but not limited to red, purple, or yellow.



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