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The Dragon Riders' Auxiliary, also known as the A-team, are group of dragon riders founded by Astrid Hofferson, and that acts as a back-up force on the Isle of Berk. The team was founded to defend Berk while the main Dragon Riders were away on the Edge fighting against the Dragon Hunters. It first appeared in the second season of Dragons: Race to the Edge.


In "Team Astrid", following Dagur's attack on Berk, Stoick approved of Astrid Hofferson's idea to train a group of back up riders to defend Berk. Astrid then trained her trainees hard at the Dragon Academy. The auxiliary then assisted Astrid, Stoick, Hiccup and his riders in defending Dragon's Edge. They were able to drive Dagur's fleet away from the edge. Astrid then assigned Gustav to lead the Auxiliary in her absence.

In "A Time to Skrill", the auxiliary defended Berk against the Frozen Skrill.

In "Shell Shocked, Part 1", the A-Team, along with the other known Dragon Riders planned an attack on the Dragon Hunters in order to retrieve the Dragon Eye. However, they found the Dragon Hunter Island abandoned, and the A-Team was sent back to Berk.


Rider(s)/Trainer(s) Dragon
Gustav Larson - Captain of the Rider's Auxiliary Fanghook
Gustav and Fanghook season 3.png
Silent Sven Sven's Nightmare
Silent Sven's Monstrous Nightmare.jpg
Gothi Gothi's Gronckle
Gothi's Gronckle.jpg
Spitelout Jorgenson Kingstail
Spitelout's Nadder.jpg
Bucket & Mulch Whip & Lash
Better looking mirror.png


  • Every member of the Auxiliary riders has a dragon that matches the main dragon riders except Gustav, while being the leader, has a Monstrous Nightmare rather than a Night Fury (due to Toothless being the only known individual at the time).
  • 3 of the 5 Auxiliary riders have names for their dragons: Fanghook, Kingstail, and Whip & Lash. The other two are Sven's Monstrous Nightmare and Gothi's Gronckle. Ironically, Sven broke his silence in "Cast Out, Part 2", so he should have been able to name his dragon.
  • In School of Dragons, during the expansion "Secret of the Leviathan", Phlegma is part of the A-team. It is possible that she joined the group after the events in Race to the Edge and perhaps even How to Train Your Dragon 2.


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