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Dragon Racers: The Dragon Berry Dash is an online game that unfortunately is no longer available to play on its original website, though copies of the game do exist on other websites.


Evil forces are dangerously close to controlling the Alpha Dragon.
Race Hiccup and Toothless to reach the Alpha before it's too late.
Pick up special candies along the way to help you take the lead and get there first!
You'll need to finish each level first to progress to the next.
Hurry Dragon Rider! There's no time to loose!
  — In-game description  


Preparing for the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2 in 2014, DreamWorks Animation partnered with Bazooka Candy Brands to release limited edition candies, including a "Dragon Berry" flavor. The candy company promoted its candies as well as How to Train Your Dragon 2 with the release of a website with activities and the game, Dragon Racers: Dragon Berry Dash.


In this game, you play as Hiccup and Toothless. You have to fly through the air and finish the levels before the other dragons. You can collect bonus objects for boosts and shoot the dragons to slow them down. You can also collect coins for bonus points. At the beginning you have three lives. If you fail to finish the race before the enemy dragons you lose one life. There are three levels: one through a canyon, one above a river, and one through the arctic. The Alpha Dragon appears at completion - a Bewilderbeast.



  • Toothless shoots normal fire instead of plasma blasts.



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