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Dragon Pepper is a plant appearing in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon.


While the whole plant is never seen, it is assumed that it resembles common pepper plants. The powder made from the plant is red, indicating the color of the fruit.


Dragon Pepper dust can be used by humans in order to disable a dragon's fire. Once a dragon inhales the dust, it will start sneezing repeatedly, unable to shoot fire or fly straight. This effect can also be used to prevent a Songwing from singing, as the dragon's sneezing will render it unable to produce its hypnotic song for a short time. Some dragons, such as Rockspitters, can receive the same effects even before the plant is ground into dust, with only a single sniff of the plant's flowers needed to elicit a reaction.


Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

Prior to the events of the special, Svetlana the Sly harvested dragon pepper and made powder out of it. She then armed her ship with small bags full of powder, that could be launched at command. She used the Dragon Pepper against the Rescue Riders and later against Erik the Wretched and Waldondo del Mundo.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing

Dragon pepper plants are seen growing on an unnamed island. After escaping from the hypnotic song of the Songwing Melodia, Burple sniffed the flowers on a plant, causing him to sneeze repeatedly and randomly shoot out some of the rocks in his stomachs. This sneezing would later cause Burple and Cutter to be caught trying to rescue Aggro by Melodia, although the two of them were able to escape. Later on, Leyla realized that Burple's sneezing was the result of him having sniffed dragon pepper flowers, which gave her the idea to use the dust to help free Melodia's entranced dragons.

During the Rescue Riders' rescue attempt, Dak attempted to slingshot a bag full of dragon pepper dust at Melodia. However, the bag was intercepted by Aggro, who was hit with it instead. While Aggro and the other entranced dragons chased Dak away from Melodia, Leyla slingshot two more bags at Melodia, who was hit by both bags and exposed to a double dose of dragon pepper dust. This caused Melodia to start sneezing repeatedly, which cut off her song temporarily and thus allowed the Rescue Riders to escape and lead the other dragons back to Huttsgalor.



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