Located inside Wild Dragon Cliff, the Dragon Nursery is where dragons hibernate for the winter.


Now ... do you notice those four caves about halfway up the cliff, grouped roughing in the shape of a skull? ... Inside the cave that would be the right eye of the skull is the Dragon Nursery, where there are, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, three thousand young dragons having their last few weeks of winter sleep.
  Gobber the Belch  

The Dragon Nursery is one cave in a cave system at the Wild Dragon Cliffs on the Isle of Berk. The interior tunnel is rather treacherous and varies in height and width, described as "long, twisty tunnels" and "dripping and clammy". However, the tunnel opens up into a vast cavern that can house thousands of dragons at one time. The Dragon Nursery also further connects to the Caliban Cave system.

The cavern smells of "the stench of dragon - a salty stink of seaweed and old mackerel heads".


How to Train Your Dragon

All of the Viking novices in Gobber the Belch's Dragon Initiation Program have to travel to Wild Dragon Cliff to find a hunting dragon for themselves in the Dragon Nursery, which is located at the Cliff.

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