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Various types of Dragon Hunter Weapons are seen throughout all the seasons of Dragons: Race to the Edge.

List of Weapons

Firing at Toothless

Dragon Root Arrows

These arrows are dipped with high concentrations of Dragon Root, enough to render large dragons unconscious. The Root does not work on Gronckles, thus these arrows do nothing other than prick Gronckles. These arrows are also unable to pierce through the scales of the Screaming Death or Gronckle Iron. Apart from using the traditional bow-and-arrow device, Hunters have made ballistas that can fire multiple arrows rapidly at dragons. ("Night of the Hunters, Parts One and Two")

Dragon Cages

Cages from The Reaper.

These dragon cages are made of dragon fire proof metals, it is left undamaged by even a Night Fury's blast.("Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1") In "Last Auction Heroes", according to Ryker, Hotburples are the only species that can bite through a dragon proof cage.


Nets are usually shot into the water to retrieve downed dragons before being pulled up. Nets can also be used on dry land to restrict dragons' movements before seizing them. ("Night of the Hunters, Part 1")


Gigantic catapults are used to launch rocks at dragons from a distance to knock them out. Sometimes, the boulders can be set on fire. The gang has found a solution to this by getting Meatlug to eat the flaming boulders in battle. 

Meatlug in chains

Grappling Chains

Chains made out of dragon proof metals are fired at downed dragons from a distance. They are strong enough to withstand the strength of dragons. They have sharp claws that resemble that of grappling hooks and when fired, they coil around the dragon. The chain and the winch are also made of dragon fire proof metals.("Defenders of the Wing, Part 2").

Dragon Root Spears

As seen in "King of Dragons, Part 2", the Dragon Hunters use spears with their top covered in Dragon Root for larger dragons, such as the Bewilderbeast.


The Dragon Hunters usually use crossbows to fire arrows. The crossbows can either be used by humans manually or

Toothless got shot in the tail by a dragon root arrow.gif

can be attached to a mechanism such as a ship.


After many failed attempts to overpower the Dragon Riders, the Dragon Hunters started to equip many of their ships, outposts and important locations with ballista. They were relatively effective against Dragon Rider attacks, slowing them in the process.

The Dragon Hunters also fielded an armored variant, as seen in "No Bark, All Bite". It allowed them to cause more havoc and sustain fire from Dragons. The ballista was only armored from the front with dragon proof metal.


From their first episode, Dragon Hunters have had axes made out of a material that looks to be the same as the dragon-proof cages. They use these axes in combat the same way other Vikings do.

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