Dragon Graveyard Island is a desolate island seen in the short Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon.

Official Description

Scattered amongst the dark sandy beaches are bones of forgotten dragons. But you better not take one, or the Boneknapper will have a bone to pick with you!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Its beaches of black sand are covered with scattered remains and pale white bones of dead dragons. It is also the natural habitat of the Boneknapper dragon, for it allows them to find the right bones to complete their coat of armor. The island is very remote and is dominated by cliffs and rock formations.


Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Gobber, Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, the twins, and Phil journey on a Viking longship in search of the Boneknapper. Distracted by Gobber's storytelling, they crash their ship on sharp rocks and it sinks. They get stranded on Dragon Graveyard Island, then decide to set a trap for the Boneknapper, but it fails. The Boneknapper goes after Gobber, but he is able to stop it after Hiccup realizes that it just wants Gobber's belt buckle. Gobber then is able to befriend the Boneknapper, and the Vikings and Phil fly back to Berk on it.


  • dragon graveyard bears a strong resemblance to Helheim's Gate, due to its fog and abundance of sea stacks


Dragons: Rise of Berk


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