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Mr Ryker, we've done well together in our fighting enterprise but now, with your champion dragon, the fights are over before they start. No one will pay for a fight that ends in five minutes. [src]
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Dragon Fighting is a sport used to assert prowess and as a business for income.


How to Train Your Dragon (game)

The teenagers and young adults of Berk compete against each other through various competitions, but mainly fighting their dragons against each other. The goal for the victor is to become the village's "Dragon Master". The teenagers also need to pit their trained dragons against wild dragons to earn points.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

As shown in "Stryke Out", three years after the First Berserker War, the Dragon Hunters hosted these events at one of their ports. However, the fights became too routine with the Triple Stryke's numerous victories and business became slow. Ryker Grimborn demanded the Dragon Hunter in charge to make more people come to the fights.

After Hiccup and Toothless were gassed and knocked out, they were taken by the Dragon Hunters to the Dragon Fighting Arena. The head of the Dragon Fights forced Toothless to partake in them. Toothless first fought a Razorwhip, and almost killed it before being talked out of it by Hiccup. The Dragon Hunters got much profit from Toothless. They then decided to have Toothless fight the Triple Stryke, Sleuther.

During the fight, the Arena was attacked by the rest of the riders. Fishlegs and Snotlout intimidated the audience and they ran away. Hiccup then freed all the captive dragons.

Captive Dragons included:

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Teams of dragons consisting of three or less individuals are pitted against each other to fight for trophies, resources, and training improvement. This activity is known as "Berk Brawlers". Berkians and some other dragons gather around to watch the fights and cheer the winners.

Some dragons may even have been bred for dragon-fighting, such as Eclipser the Triple Stryke.

This Triple Stryke was bred specifically to dominate moonlit Dragon Fights.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Pitting dragon against dragon for entertainment, prestige, and money is portrayed similarly to dog fighting, especially in "Stryke Out". Dragons typically would not fight each other, at least not for the same reasons as the humans who force or train them to do so. This notion is not in line with Hiccup's original vision for Viking-Dragon relations, which was for peaceful and mutual respect and trust.

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