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The Dragon Fight Arena is a gladiator-style arena where dragons are made to fight each other as a form of entertainment.


The Dragon Fight arena looks exactly like the Berk Dragon Training Academy or the arena from Outcast Island.



Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

At the beginning of "Stryke Out", two dragons, Steeltrap and Whip-Slash are seen fighting in this arena, while a Fight Master describes the battle. Ryker arrives to take the money paid for the fights, stating that it is a lower amount than usually. The master explains that people got bored of the fights and will no more pay. Ryker warns him to find a solution.

Later, Hiccup and Toothless are captured and brought to the arena, where they are locked up along the other dragons. The master then announces to the crowd about the next battle: the Night Fury against the Razorwhip. He and some other hunters then take the Fighter Razorwhip and Toothless is cages. The master then announces the beginning of the battle and lets the two dragons fight. While at first the Razorwhip appears to have the upper hand, Toothless quickly defeats it by distracting it, then trapping it in a cage.

That evening, the master comes to the dragon cells to feed them and introduces Toothless' next opponent: the Triple Stryke.

The next day, Hiccup manages to train Whip-Slash and Steeltrap. Meanwhile, Toothless and the Triple Stryke begin their fight. Both dragons battle for a while, until Toothless gets the upper hand and seemingly prepares to kill the dragon. Instead, he spares its life. Ryker and the fight master enter the arena to put the dragons back to their place. However, Hiccup manages to break free along the other dragons who start attacking the hunters. The other riders arrive too, chasing away the crowd and destroying the arena, freeing the captive dragons.


  • It is possible that the arena was on Changewing Island due to the fact that the Host said "this side of Changewing Island".


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