Dragons: Rescue Riders continues the diversity of Dragon Eggs seen in DreamWorks Dragons media.


Divewing eggs are small and fragile. They are ovoid and are usually white.


Flyhopper eggs are extremely small. They are round and smooth and have a dark coloration.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon eggs are ovoid and smooth. They are made of pure gold, which makes them be sought out by pirates and other bounty hunters. The hatchling that emerges from the egg will eat the eggshell in order to gain its glitter blast ability.

Hideous Heatwing

The egg of the Hideous Heatwing is ovoid in a rose and tan color with subtle criss-crossing lines of lighter color.

Roaming Ramblefang

Roaming Ramblefang eggs are about tge size of a human. They are ovoid and have a light coloration with darker spots.

Silver-tailed Ironclaw

Silver-tailed Ironclaw eggs are as large as a small human, dull metallic grey and have a white webbing pattern over them. The shape is ovoid and smooth.


Slinkwing eggs are only seen in Leyla's Dragon Diary. They are depicted as green in color, and appear to have a slime coating.

Slobber Smelter

Slobber Smelter eggs are oval-shaped, white eggs. They have colorful red and blue speckles over the entire surface.

Wave Glider

Wave Glider dragons are only seen as eggs. They are large and sea green in color, with darker lines across the surface.

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