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In the How to Train Your Dragon universe, each dragon species has its own unique kind of dragon egg with unique properties. Due to the small importance of the eggs in the plot, there have been huge discrepancies in the appearances and characteristics of these eggs in different media of the How to Train Your Dragon movie franchise. For example, promotional material for How to Train Your Dragon lists Terrible Terror eggs to be as small as a seed, but in Riders of Berk they are as big as a fully grown chicken.

Dragon Eggs in Dragons: Rescue Riders

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Dragon Eggs in Dragons: Rescue Riders may be viewed HERE.


An Armorwing Egg appears to be a simple, rough egg like that of a Gronckle Egg in Dragons: Rise of Berk. However, there are scraps of metal fused to its base and a mace fused to it on its tip. These metals were probably added by their mothers to protect the vulnerable eggs from predators. In School of Dragons, the egg appears to be dull green with tiny fragments of metal coated all over it.


A white, ovular egg with red and white spiny protrusions extending from it.


In the games, the Boneknapper's Egg appears to be fragments of bone, plated and fused together to form an egg. However, it is unlikely that the eggs are made of real bone, which is similar in composition to an egg shell, however the mother could have plated the egg with bone like herself, as that is her main défense method. Gobber's Nemesis's Egg appears to glow blue from under its shell.


In Rise of Berk, Buffalord eggs are green with brown spots. They have some things on them that look like flowers. The purpose for this is unknown. The eggs appear to have spikes.

Catastrophic Quaken

In Rise of Berk, a Catastrophic Quaken's egg is brown and whitish tan, the same colors as an adult Catastrophic Quaken. It also has several spikes on its shell similar to an adult's. However, Spikeback's one is purple with crystal spikes on it.

In School of Dragons, the egg is a regular oval-shaped egg. It has layers of grayish brown and tan stripes on it and grey spots all over it.

Cavern Crasher

In Rise of Berk, Cavern Crasher eggs look like a rock. They are red with black stripes. They are covered in mucus, possibly by the parents. The purpose for this is unknown.


In Riders of Berk, Changewing eggs have a triangular shape, and they change colors. Changewing eggs are often mistaken for a Stone of Good Fortune, a gem that will give good fortune to whoever has it for the rest of their life. If an egg is stolen, adult Changewings will hunt around for where it is, as seen in Gem of a Different Color.

In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, Changewing eggs appear to have wavy red stripes against a tan background and a translucent glow around it.

Crimson Goregutter

In School of Dragons, Crimson Goregutter eggs are oval-shaped with a pronounced scale pattern on them. They have a dark gray base, with the scales having various colors, including yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, and turquoise.

Deadly Nadder

In promotional material for the first movie, Nadder eggs were described as having sharp spikes that deter predators. It's picture, though, shows a smooth blue eggs with no spikes whatsoever. The egg provided in the promotional material is similar to that in School of Dragons.

In Rise of Berk the Nadder eggs has a somewhat irregular form with an obvious scales pattern and visible spikes. They come in a variety of colors - Regular ones are purple, Stormfly's Mate's egg is green with pink spikes, Stormfly's Offspring's egg is blue with a purple base and pink spikes, Flystorm's egg is orange with tan spikes and the Bork Week Nadder's Egg is green with red spikes. The color of the Nadder after it has hatched is similar to that of its egg.

Death Song

In Rise of Berk, Death Song eggs are flamboyant oval-shaped eggs. They have a colorful core and a translucent white covering over it. Death Song eggs come in a variety of colors. They appear to have wavy, curved stripes on it and some spots, similar to some butterfly wings. In Race to the Edge, the Death Song egg the Riders find looks like none of these, instead it resembles a Whispering Death egg.


Devilish Dervish

In School of Dragons, Devilish Dervish eggs are oval and are grey in color. They have obvious scale patterns and bumps on them.


Egg Biter

Egg Biters' eggs are smooth, white and oval eggs. At first sight, they look like an ordinary egg. However, these eggs seem to have a dragon's snout poking through it, forming cracks on its surface. It appears that the dragons have been sticking their snout through their egg shells since they were laid.


In School of Dragons, Eruptodon eggs are normal oval-shaped. They have the appearance of lava, the Eruptodon's food. They are yellow with red spots.


In Rise of Berk, the Fireworm Egg has an obvious scale pattern and small spikes protruding from its sides. Slightly larger ones jut out from the top. Their eggs are normally orange or red in color.

In School of Dragons, the egg also has a visible scale pattern. The base of the egg is orange while the other parts of the egg is yellow.

Flame Whipper

In School of Dragons, the Flame Whipper Egg is oval shaped and colored blue, yellow, and red, just like the colors of an adult. It is covered in several black stripes that run across its surface.


In Rise of Berk, the eggs are normally in some shade of blue, some, like Hofferson's Bane's egg are of a lighter shade of blue. They are oval and is surrounded by what seems to be the paralyzing mist produced by the adults. It could possibly protect the egg from potential predators.

In School of Dragons, the Flightmare Egg is a regularly shaped oval which is light blue in color. The middle appears to be glowing brightly.


In Rise of Berk, Gobsucker eggs are oval-shaped with stripes and something that looks like small rocks around them.

Grapple Grounder

In Rise of Berk, Grapple Grounder eggs come in a variety of colors, so far only red, from normal Grapple Grounders, and green, from Exotic Grapple Grounders, have been seen. They have a few large white bumps that stick out from it. The scales can be seen on it clearly.

The ones in School of Dragon look like those in Rise of Berk, but with flatter bumps.


In Rise of Berk, Groncicle eggs appear to be a oval shaped egg with large ice spikes protruding from all over the egg. It is unclear if the 'ice' are real ice or other substances for defense or ornamental purposes. Their eggs are one of the few eggs with geometrical shapes and are spiky. The Frozen Groncicle's egg is purple.


In promotional material for the first movie, Gronckle eggs are described as the smallest of all the species, barely larger than a marble and they bounce around like jumping beans. They are brown with a rough surface.

In Gift of the Night Fury, however, they are big enough to be held with two hands, with shells of a thick, lumpy, grey-blue ceramic. They hatch by exploding violently. (As eggs typically hatch by action of the young within, this explosion may be the result of the baby Gronckles' first lava spit-up, producing sufficient internal heat and pressure to break the tough shell.) The mother Gronckles usually contain this explosion by rolling the eggs into water prior to hatching; the young instinctively swim upward to rejoin her. The eggs in Rise of Berk and School of Dragons look similar to these. However, those in Rise of Berk come in a variety of colors—silvery grey of a normal one, yellowish green of Meatlug's Mate's egg, pink of her offspring's egg, orange of the Book Wyrm's egg and purple of the Exiled Gronckle.

In the Book of Dragons short, they appear to be nested on top of a couple of rocks. They are lumpy and brown in color and still look rather similar to that in Gift of the Night Fury.


Hackatoo eggs are normally found brown, with darker brown stripes and covered with spines. However, the exotic Hackatoo has a unique color, pink with yellow stripes that streak across it. these spines allow the eggs to stick to anything they land on. They hook onto tends to be trees and bushes.

Hideous Zippleback

In promotional material for the first movie, these eggs are described as containing buoyant natural gasses that are often mistaken for air bubbles. These bubbles give the surface of the egg a bumpy look full of craters. The eggs in School of Dragons look similar to those in the promotional material too.

In Rise of Berk, the egg doesn't have any bubbles or mark of their presence whatsoever. Instead the egg has a pattern of scales similar to the markings on the neck and back of a Zippleback. They come in a variety of colors. The normal eggs are green while Barf & Belch's mate and offspring's eggs are dark blue with red spots and teal with yellow spots respectively.


In Rise of Berk, the egg of a Hobblegrunt has several ridges that look similar to the fins of an adult Hobblegrunt. It is unknown if the fins are for protection, or just appearance. They are usually found green. Gruff's egg, however, is purple with a lime green tip.

In School of Dragons, the egg has different shades of brown and grey. They have several orange spots and a row of fin-like structures protruding from the top of it.


In School of Dragons, Hobgobbler eggs are oval-shaped with a scale-like pattern covering them, except for the top. They are purple with darker spots on them.

In Rise of Berk, Hobgobbler eggs are red with purple spots on them.


In School of Dragons and Rise of Berk, the eggs are oval in shaped. They have large, smooth bumps all over it, just like those on an adult's body. However, Basket Case's egg is teal with blue stripes that form zig-zag lines on its shell. A pink ribbon is tied around it neatly, making it look like an Easter egg.

Large Shadow Wing

In Rise of Berk, a Shadow Wing's egg is similar to that of a Small Shadow. However, it is green in color and has five spikes on it instead of two.

Luminous Krayfin

In School of Dragons, the Luminous Krayfin Egg is giant and round, with a neon blue color and several dark blue stripes. The egg's size is similar to the gigantic size of the adult dragon, and the fact that it is neon blue reinforces that the dragon lives in the depths of the ocean.


In School of Dragons, Moldruffle eggs look similar to Woolly Howl eggs, just that they have a curvy pattern that slopes downward on it instead of spots.

Monstrous Nightmare

In promotional material for the first movie, it's described that Viking children use these flaming eggs for rounds of "Viking Hot Potato"; the child with the most blisters is the winner. In this media, as well as in School of Dragons, the eggs are brown and smooth with a pattern similar to tree bark.

In Rise of Berk and Race to the Edge, the Monstrous Nightmare eggs has a surface that looks like they were made of cloth or leather folded together, with a spotted pattern on the base. Its colors vary and they match the colors of the dragon to be born.


These eggs are greenish, somewhat cyan in color. They have numerous irregularly-shaped brown splotches on it, making the egg resemble a milk cow.

Night Fury

In promotional material for the first movie, these eggs are said to be laid on tops of mountains and blend in with the starry sky. The Night Fury egg is a very smooth black in color.

Night Terror

Night Terror eggs are small and dark in color. They have a wavy, thick, dark green fin surrounding the egg and it resembles the shape of the Night Terror's Tail. They have patterns similar to its fin on its shell. The purpose of this fin is unknown. Alpha Terrors' eggs are white in color.


Prickleboggle eggs in School of Dragons are regular-shaped ovals. They are lime green with several brown spots on them.


In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, Raincutter eggs are lavender with several holes and dimples all over the surface. The egg also has several pink bubbles covering it, though it is unknown what use they serve. Thump's egg is green with pink bubbles.


In Rise of Berk, Ripwrecker eggs are oval and white. They appear to have a substance that looks like water that swirls around its exterior. It is unknown what this substance is and what they are used for.


In School of Dragons, the Razorwhip egg has numerous bands of black and sliver on it. It is a regular oval and appears to be rather shiny.

In Rise of Berk, the Razorwhip's egg appears to be shiny bronze. It is slightly triangular shaped. There are several plates layered on it that make it seem sharp. It resembles a pine cone in a way.


In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, Rumblehorn eggs appear to have a slit that runs down vertically and separates the two halves of the egg. They have a few small holes on its base. In Rise of Berk, they are blue, while Skullcrusher's is green, along with those in School of Dragons.


A Sandbuster egg is oval, with slightly irregular shape. It is yellow, the color of sand, with green spots, the color of grass. It is similar to the model of the dragon.

Sand Wraith

In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, the Sand Wraith egg appears to have a smooth, sand brown color and darker brown spots on it. The Desert Wraith Egg in Rise of Berk looks similar to it but more reddish in color.


In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, the eggs of a Scauldron look like water has splashed on top of a turquoise egg. This could be real water, because Scauldrons are Tidal Class dragons who live in the sea, or it could just be fake and for ornamental purposes, or maybe even poison to defend the egg from other dragons.

However, Mildew's Misery's Egg appears to be bright blue in color, with orange stripes and dots on it, It looks similar to an Easter Egg. Scauldy's Egg is grey, similar to the color of Scauldrons left in the sun for too long. Bonecrusher's Conquest Egg has various shades of blue and green.

Screaming Death

The appearance of a Screaming Death egg is very similar to a Whispering Death egg, because the Screaming Death is just a mutant Whispering Death. The only difference is that a Screaming Death egg is larger than a Whispering Death egg, as seen in The Iron Gronckle. The screaming death egg is white with red spots.


Scuttleclaw eggs are a mix between blue on top and pink on the bottom. Scuttleclaw parents take good care of their eggs while they can, before they hatch into rambunctious baby Scuttleclaws.


In Rise of Berk, Seashocker eggs are purple with some bluish spots on the bottom. They are pointy and triangular shaped. They are thought to be laid in undersea caverns where they will be protected from danger.



In School of Dragons, the Shivertooth egg is crystal blue and has tints of darker blue near the base and white at the tip. It resembles a snowy mountain as its pointy tip is white and there are white patterns that run down the tip that look like snowflakes or frost.

In Rise of Berk, the Shivertooth egg is triangular. There are ice spikes on it, similar to that of a Groncicle but the spikes all point upwards. The purposes of the spikes are unknown, but it could be a deterrence from predators or for ornamental purposes. Exotic Shivertooth eggs have red tips.


In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, the Shockjaw egg has a spherical shape. It is purple and have a few rod-like structures with a smaller sphere at the end that protrudes out. It has faint pink spots on it. An unknown, translucent substance surrounds it. It could be purple gel or even its bio-electricity.


In Rise of Berk, the Shovelhelm's egg is light blue with brown stripes. It has four rows of spikes, each run down the egg. The Shovelhelm's egg tapers towards the top.

In School of Dragons, the Shovelhelm's egg is blue on the top half and yellow on the bottom half. It has a crystal-like appearance and is asymmetrical.


A Silkspanner egg is oval, full of bumps, and has a greenish color. It has several spikes for protection on the upper half. In addition, it is covered in a large web, possibly by the parents.

Silver Phantom

Like most eggs in the game, the Silver Phantom egg in School of Dragons is oblong and smooth. The egg is purplish-grey, albeit with a few blemishes. It also has a consistent tessellation consisting of lighter green shapes all around.


In School of Dragons, Singetail eggs are normally oval shaped. They are orange with red spots in color.

In Rise of Berk they look more like a fire bush and they are orange with the spikes red.


Skrill eggs are round and come in shades of blue or purple. Some, however, like Hunterbolt's, are orange in color. They are covered in what looks like lightning bolts zapping around it. Its center core glows very brightly. It is unknown if the bolts are actually electric or if they are just ornamental.


In Rise of Berk, Slithersong eggs are blue, flamboyant, oval-shaped eggs. They have a colorful core and a translucent white covering over it. They appear to have wavy, curved stripes on it and some spots, similar to some butterfly wings.


In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, these eggs are teal in color. They have a faint glow outside. They appear to have what seems to be little protrusions that stick out from its side, covering the entire egg.

Small Shadow

In Rise of Berk, the eggs are round shaped with two small spikes on the top. They have blue patches all over with red lines between them. However, in the next update, its model was changed. The shape and the spikes remained the same but it looks more like the surface of the moon.

Smothering Smokebreath

In Rise of Berk and School of Dragons, the egg of a Smothering Smokebreath is brown with several, large and small, brown bumps all over it. There appears to be a strange purple color underneath the egg, but no one knows for sure what it is. The egg in Rise of Berk is more spherical than the ones in School of Dragons which appear to be oval.


Snafflefang eggs are covered with green and orange blotches all over the egg's surface. In Rise of Berk, the egg has several purple spines that are probably used to fend off attackers.


In Rise of Berk Snaptrapper eggs resemble plants, with four leafy branches on top and several root like protuberances n the bottom.

In the concept art, Snaptrapper eggs have four separate looks. The first look has green vines all around it. The second looks a lot like an apple and has black spots and a sort of scaly look to it. The third looks like four leaves put together with a small vine coming out.


The Snifflehunch's egg is very colorful, It's mostly yellow, with blue and orange spots. It has several lobs on top of it with red tips. The Snifflehunch's egg tapers towards the top.