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The Dragon Diary is a book owned by Leyla in Dragons: Rescue Riders. Leyla uses it to document the dragons she and the others come across and learn about, so she can remember those facts for later. This is a bit of a disadvantage, as due to her dependence on it, Leyla often lacks the knowledge of Dragon species without it.


Transfer of Ownership

After a shipwreck that orphaned Leyla and her twin brother Dak as very small children, the diary became the only thing that the twins have of their human birth mother, as Leyla relates.

Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

WTS - You're the first fire fury I've ever seen.jpg

Leyla pretends to be writing notes in the Dragon Diary while sitting outside, but is actually worrying about the absence and possible trouble Winger and Dak may have gotten themselves into after entering the Maze Caves, in "Deep Trouble".

Leyla excitedly stands ready to take down notes in the Dragon Diary when the Rescue Riders encounter a Fire Fury who is seemingly setting fires to scare sheep in "Where There's Smoke".

In "Iced Out", Leyla refers to the Dragon Diary to identify the hatchling named Heatey as a Hideous Heatwing.

Leyla refers to the Dragon Diary to diagnose the symptoms of illness Burple has, in "Sick Day". According to the Diary, he has the Dreaded Dragon Flu.

BE - Leyla with her diary back.jpg

During "Bad Egg", Magnus Finke realizes there is a wealth of knowledge in the Dragon Diary. He hides inside a large metal egg hoping the Rescue Riders bring it into their home, but Cutter sees his deception and rolls the hollow egg outside. A Silver-tailed Ironclaw sees the egg and takes it to her nest. Ultimately the Riders retrieve both the Diary and Magnus from the nest. Leyla admits the Diary has sentimental value, as it originally belonged to her human mother.

Leyla consults the Dragon Diary in "Home Alone" to figure out from which species three abandoned eggs are from. Later, Cutter reads from the Diary and figures out that Slinkwing eggs are green, not white with speckles.

SP - Drooled on my diary.jpg

Leyla identifies the species of three eggs the Riders found as Slobber Smelters after one hatches in "Slobber Power". The diary has a page damaged from the acidic spit of a Slobber Smelter she met previously.

In "Crash Course", Leyla moves both the diary and her other items to the relative safety of the dragon sleep cave when a windy storm blows up.

In "Grumblegard, Part 1", the Dragon Diary was almost destroyed by Sizzle's Siblings during their games and was quickly taken to safety by Leyla. She later used it to identify two Piercing Shriekscales and updated the diary with the newfound information.

Season 2

CU - And Summer takes the lead.jpg

In "Summer Holiday", Leyla took the Dragon Diary with her on vacation, so that she could update it with her latest discoveries.

In "High Anxiety", Leyla looked in her Dragon Diary for a solution after Mama Ironclaw had an injured wing, but couldn't find any useful information.

In "Charged Up", Leyla made notes in the Dragon Diary while watching her dragon friends test their abilities to the maximum.

In "Belly Flop", Leyla pretended to read the Dragon Diary when Summer returned to the Roost, in order to hide the fact that she was preparing the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise for her friend's birthday. Later, Leyla searched the Dragon Diary for information about Sea Gronckles, after encountering Gludge.

Season 3

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"How I Met Your Summer"

In "Snooping Around", while helping Snoop track down Vizza's missing babies the Rescue Riders follow his flight path but remembering the babies behavior Snoop accidentally revealed the one place he told them not to go was the Gloopberry Fields where their mother was. Upon learning that Slinkwings gain their goo by eating them Leyla excitedly wrote it in her diary.

Season 4

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"Teamwork is Magic"

"Flight of the Stinkwing"

"Rescue Racers"

"Day Without Dragons"

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

HFTGD - The seven dragon classes in Leyla's dragon diary.jpg

Leyla showed Waldondo del Mundo the Golden Dragon page of her diary while explaining how rare and vulnerable the species was. She then later wrote clues from the map to the Golden Dragon in her diary, so that she could go in a different direction than Dak. Upon finding a wall that required dragon species to be matched with the classes they belonged to, Leyla used her diary to correctly identify all of them.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing

Leyla looked in the Dragon Diary after she and her friends got away from Melodia and explained to the others that Melodia was a Songwing, and that they usually use their singing voice to calm down those who are threats to them.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

After finding a trio of baby dragons who were blasting snow in an icy cave, Leyla looked in her Dragon Diary and identified the dragons as Chillblasters, which she claimed to have a chill personality.

Physical Appearance

The Dragon Diary is a leather bound book with thick yellowed pages. The cover has scrolling edging and a raised dragon emblem in the center of a six-sided polygon.


The Dragon Diary functions as an encyclopedia of dragon knowledge collected mainly by Leyla.

Dragon Species in the Book



  • The Dragon Diary and the dragon facts inside of it is similar to the Dragon Manual that was written by Bork the Bold, as well as Hiccup and his friends updating the book with their own dragon findings. Along with Fishlegs' Dragon Cards, after Hiccup and the gang lost the Dragon Eye to the Dragon Hunters.
  • When translated some of the pages of the Dragon Diary reveal humorous messages by the developers of the show.
    • In the episodes "Bad Egg" and "Home Alone" a page can be seen which contains the following message: "If you have translated this and are reading this far... Congratulations! You're officially our biggest fan."
    • Another page can be seen in the episode "Slobber Power". It contains the following text: "For this page I will attempt to fill it up using stream of consciousness. It's just random words so that Leyla appears like she's writing something cool. Don't have much more. My brain's kicked. Dragons are awesome. Rescue Riders for life."

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