The Dragon Diary is a book owned by Leyla in Dragons: Rescue Riders. Leyla uses it document the dragons she and the others come across and learn about, so she can remember those facts for later. This is a bit of a disadvantage, as due to her dependence on it, Leyla often lacks the knowledge of Dragon species without it.


Transfer of Ownership

After a shipwreck that orphaned Leyla and her twin brother Dak as very small children, the diary became the only thing that the twins have of their human birth mother, as Leyla relates.

Leyla's Research

Leyla pretends to be writing notes in the Dragon Diary while sitting outside, but is actually worrying about the absence and possible trouble Winger and Dak may have gotten themselves into after entering the Maze Caves, in "Deep Trouble".

Leyla excitedly stands ready to take down notes in the Dragon Diary when the Rescue Riders encounter a Fire Fury who is seemingly setting fires to scare sheep in "Where There's Smoke".

In "Iced Out", Leyla refers to the Dragon Diary to identify the hatchling named Heatey as a Hideous Heatwing.

Leyla refers to the Dragon Diary to diagnose the symptoms of illness Burple has, in "Sick Day". According to the Diary, he has the Dreaded Dragon Flu.

During "Bad Egg", Magnus Finke realizes there is a wealth of knowledge in the Dragon Diary. He hides inside a large metal egg hoping the Rescue Riders bring it into their home, but Cutter sees his deception and rolls the hollow egg outside. A Silver-tailed Ironclaw sees the egg and takes it to her nest. Ultimately the Riders retrieve both the Diary and Magnus from the nest. Leyla admits the Diary has a sentimental value, as it originally belonged to her human mother.

Leyla consults the Dragon Diary in "Home Alone" to figure out from which species three abandoned eggs are from. Later, Cutter reads from the Diary and figures out that Slinkwing eggs are green, not white with speckles.

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Physical Appearance

The Dragon Diary is a leather bound book with thick yellowed pages. The cover has scrolling edging and a raised dragon emblem in the center of a six-sided polygon.


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