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Dragon Day is an event that the Rescue Riders throw for Finngard Borgomon to show him their moves in the episode "Furious Fun".


In "Furious Fun" Finngard's mother discovers a journal under her son's bed and realizes his deep obsession with the dragons. She consults with the Rescue Riders about what to do, as her son keeps intentionally getting into trouble to interact with the dragons. Leyla suggests holding a "Dragon Day" to showcase the dragons' abilities so he can write them down.


Dragon Day events include showcasing the abilities and moves, as well as limitations of each of the dragon members of the Rescue Riders. This includes Burple, Cutter, Summer, and Winger. Aggro was not able to show up at the event.

  • Burple - barrel rolls
  • Cutter - slicing up wood
  • Summer - dosing fires with water breath
  • Winger - Aerial acrobatics and triple power blasts


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