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Have you ever heard about the Dragon Cry? They say it's a device that can mimic dragon cries to perfection.

The Dragon Cry is an artifact that can imitate dragon roars almost identically. It made its first appearance in the "Return to Dragon Island" expansion of the game School of Dragons before later reappearing in the "Secret of the Leviathan" expansion of the same game. It later made a brief appearance in Dragonvine.


During "Return to Dragon Island", Eret tells the player about a device that can mimic dragon calls and sounds. He says that while one of his friends were bringing it to him, the Dragon Hunters attacked and took the object into their possession. Eret then asks the player to help him get it back, telling him/her that it should be the time to also get back Berk's gold that was lost to Viggo. They then go to a Hunter base.

The player manages to retrieve both the Dragon Cry and the money and returns to Eret's boat. However, the Dragon Hunters surrender them and demand the goods back. Eret then activates the Dragon Cry that makes the sound of a Night Fury, scaring the Hunters.

After returning to Berk, the player gives the device to Hiccup, who is eager to study it, just like he did with the Dragon Eye.

At the beginning of the "Secret of the Leviathan" expansion, the Twins use the Dragon Cry in the Great Hall, as part of one of their pranks. However, that results into the baby Luminous Krayfin flying away.

In Dragonvine, Fishlegs apparently carries it with him, as he consults it after being attacked by Silkspanner dragons. Not able to find the right sound in the field, he takes it back to Berk to consult Skulder the Archaeologist. With more research, they are able to determine that the Silkspanners eat dragonvine, a plant poisonous to humans and deadly to dragons.


  • Mimicking Dragon Roars: As its name suggests, the Dragon Cry is able to mimic the sounds of any dragon to perfection.


  • Considering that the Dragon Cry was made long before the peace with dragons, it is odd that it contains the roar of a Night Fury. However, it may be possible that the Viking who created it, heard a Night Fury from a distance. However, this has yet to be confirmed.
    • Given the decline in the Night Fury population is fairly recent, the creators of Dragon Cry may even have encountered the species.
  • According to Richard Hamilton, the Dragon Cry was part of a partnership between the crew and School of Dragons, where the novels would give School of Dragons the Dragon Cry, and in turn they would be given the game character Skulder the Archaeologist.[1]



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