A Dragon Auction was an event in which dragons were bought and sold to the highest bidders. Two tribes, the Northlanders and the Dragon Hunters, were known to have these.


The Ice Castle

The Northlanders had an auction at their fortress in the Ice Needles. Arngrim Dammen planned to sell dragon eggs, so that people can train the dragons that hatch. However, the auction was broken up by Hiccup and his fellow riders.

Last Auction Heroes

Three years after the Berserker War, Dragon Hunter leader, Viggo Grimborn, and his brother, Ryker Grimborn, were in need of more money to fund different projects- namely, Project Shellfire. To do this, Viggo sent a map through Dragon Hunters and Hiccup and Johann stole it. Hiccup does reconnaissance, and tells the riders on the Edge. Because Auction Island is so heavily fortified, Hiccup decides to send Snoutlout undercover- because he's the only one that Viggo and Ryker haven't seen up close. Hiccup convinces Stoick to give Hiccup Berk's entire stash of gold, because unless you have a LOT of gold, you won't be able to get in the auction. As Snoutlout, aka Sir Ulgorthorpe and Gobber get off their ship and go into the auction, Hiccup, Toothless and the Riders hide in Johann's ship's stores. Above them, in cages, are the rider's dragons- an "offering" to Viggo and Ryker, and their guarantee of safe passage through his trading routes. Sir Ulgerthorpe and Gobber go inside Viggos' tent, steal the auction manifest, and give it to Hiccup in a series of quick maneuvers, the other Riders go and try to release their dragons- but it takes longer than expected. As Viggo starts the Dragon Auction, the Dragon Riders can do nothing as Viggo takes Toothless away. Grump comes along, takes out the guards and busts the Riders out of prison. Krogan almost buys Toothless, but takes the gold back when he sees the dragons laying waste to Auction Island. Hiccup comes along, Gobber fights with Ryker, and they all meet up in the air. Hiccup sees Viggo carrying the chest of gold, and takes it, but when they take it out of the ocean, they find it's full of rocks. The gold is later recovered during the episode "Gold Rush".

School of Dragons

There is an island called Auction Island where Dragon Hunters and other people trade dragons. During the Return to Dragon Island, the player goes there along with Eret to find more about Harald Forkbeard. There, the player talks with a Dragon Hunter and finds out that Harald sold him a Red Death tooth which was said to "turn dragons into stone". The "stones", however, were dragon fossils. Later, the player helps in freeing a captured Singetail which was going to be sold at the auction.

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