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This is the page for the franchise language. You may be looking for the book language.

Aggro: "You speak dragon?"
Leyla: "We both do."
Aggro: "What? How?"
Dak: "Long story. We were shipwrecked as little kids."
Leyla: "Rescued by a mother dragon, who raised us, taught us cool stuff like how to talk dragon, how to fly dragons."[src]

Dragon is the language spoken by all species of dragons in the TV series Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Dragon is a complex language and based on various sounds articulated with the help of the mouth. Dragon is very similar to most human languages, especially since dragons don't hatch with the ability to speak it and have to be taught by someone else. To a human that doesn't speak Dragon, the language sounds like a combination of roars, purrs and squeaks. Despite being a language exclusively used by dragons, humans are capable of learning it too, as demonstrated by Dak and Leyla.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Twins Dak and Leyla were orphaned at a young age during a shipwreck. They were saved by a mother dragon, who raised them and taught them how to speak Dragon.


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